By Kristy Hartman

Guest author Kristy Hartman is a digital marketer and content creator at Rybbon.

Do you use or are you thinking about using HubSpot for your marketing, sales, or service activities? Do you partner with award-winning agency SmartBug Media®? Is Rybbon your platform of choice for using incentives to reward webinar attendees, boost survey response rates, improve account-based marketing initiatives, and more? 

If you answered yes to these questions, we have good news! Integrating HubSpot with Rybbon will not only cut through the digital noise to increase engagement and survey response rates, encourage webinar attendance, motivate sales reps, and more, but it will also reduce time-consuming manual effort, enabling you to focus on what’s truly important: generating revenue. 

Set Yourself Up for Success and Reap the Benefits

Individually, HubSpot and Rybbon deliver extraordinary value. However, they are a powerhouse in combination, helping you differentiate yourself and rise above the competition. 

Here are the top 10 benefits of integrating HubSpot with Rybbon—and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Integrate without IT resources: Integration is so easy that IT involvement isn’t needed.
  2. Speed up integration: In most cases, the integration of Rybbon and HubSpot can be completed within minutes.
  3. Incorporate instant rewards or points-to-rewards: Rybbon offers two types of reward programs:
    • Instant rewards send a digital reward upon the completion of an activity. 
    • PointsJoy allows participants to accumulate points up to a predetermined threshold for redeeming a digital gift card. 
  4. Set up campaigns with ease: Creating and configuring campaigns doesn’t need to take a lot of time and effort. Once integrated, Rybbon and HubSpot allow customers to set up campaigns in as little as five minutes.
  5. Think internationally: Don’t limit your activities because of geographic location. Rybbon can send digital rewards to recipients around the world. Simply specify your desired reward value in U.S. dollars and leave the rest up to Rybbon. Recipients will receive a curated list of country-specific rewards to choose from.
  6. Send rewards your way: Rybbon’s omnichannel capabilities allow you to send digital gift cards via email with HubSpot workflows. 
  7. Promote your brand: Rybbon sends rewards from your authorized domain and enables you to customize the style and messaging of your emails and reward pages.
  8. Deliver rewards instantly: The HubSpot-Rybbon integration allows you to put rewards directly into your marketing (or sales) workflows.
  9. Keep track of rewards: A recipient’s reward activity is automatically synced to their HubSpot contact record, so you know when rewards are claimed.
  10. Save money on unclaimed rewards: Between 5-20 percent of rewards go unclaimed. But Rybbon’s 100 percent refund policy ensures you never lose that money, automatically returning all unclaimed rewards.

With these and the countless other benefits of integrating Rybbon and HubSpot, what’s holding you back? If you’re still worried about the complexity of connecting two systems, you can rest assured that Rybbon and HubSpot make it easy. Let’s take a deeper dive into the setup process.

How to Integrate HubSpot with Rybbon

Here’s a quick guide that provides a step-by-step overview of integrating HubSpot with Rybbon for sending instant rewards.

Create a HubSpot campaign within Rybbon. 

Log into your Rybbon account and follow these steps:

  1. Select “+New Reward Campaign.” 
  2. Click “Connect to HubSpot,” then input your Hub ID. 
  3. Click “authorize” to authenticate HubSpot within your Rybbon account. 
  4. Complete your campaign using Rybbon’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Test the rewards campaign. 

You have the option to test your campaign without sending actual rewards by switching to test mode. Sample emails with dummy rewards will be delivered, giving you peace of mind.

Go live! 

When your testing is complete, turn test mode off. Now, log into your HubSpot account to create a workflow using Rybbon’s instant rewards:

  • Create a contact-based workflow.
  • Set up your enrollment trigger as desired.
  • Select Rybbon Digital Rewards (Send gifts with Rybbon) as your desired action.
  • Select the Rybbon campaign that will send out the digital reward.

That’s how easy it is to put rewards on autopilot so you can boost your response rates and increase customer engagement.

Ready to integrate HubSpot with Rybbon? Get started with Rybbon rewards today!


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