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How to Win Customer Loyalty: This Week in Inbound Marketing

June 15, 2018

By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we look at ways to win back customer loyalty, tips for running an effective sales and marketing alignment meeting, plus we review at a study that looks at how companies are using location targeting. 

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1) New & Noteworthy

SnapChat Ad Prices Drop

Roughly two years ago, SnapChat was charging brands up to $500,000 to sponsor a “lens” or an animated filter. It was the newest platform to capture kids’ attention, and it quickly garnered interest from brands everywhere—that is, until marketers realized measuring ad spend and impressions was quite difficult. Now SnapChat’s ads have the lowest cost per thousand impressions ($2.95) of any of their peers, including Instagram ($4.20) and Facebook ($5.12), and SnapChat is slowly trying to make a comeback with advertisers. Read the full article about SnapChat’s ad prices here.


How to Win Customer Loyalty

“Our customers used to be loyal. Now they are promiscuous. How to we get them to be loyal again?” Bonin Bough, well known for having led digital operations at companies like Kraft and PepsiCo, recently fielded this question as he was talking to a cosmetics executive. His answer was simple. “It’s not going to happen,” he said. “What you should be thinking about is how to create a model for promiscuous customers.” While creating customer loyalty is certainly difficult in 2018, it’s not impossible. In this article, we look at ways to win back customer loyalty.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

How to Run an Effective Sales and Marketing Alignment Meeting

Aligning sales and marketing has always been somewhat of a struggle for (most) companies. The situation usually goes like this: Marketing gets upsets at sales because sales reps aren’t closing leads, while sales is frustrated because they believe the leads are no good in the first place. With both sides pointing fingers, how do you implement a “smarketing” program or try to align departments so that you can move forward as a company? In this blog, we look at how you run an effective sales and marketing alignment meeting, otherwise known as a “smarketing” meeting.


Test Psychological Principles with These Marketing Tactics

Marketing is all about getting someone to do something. But in order to influence someone’s behavior, you need to understand what they want and how they think. Yes, technology continues to evolve, but human psychology remains relatively unchanged, and our needs, desires, and wants are still driven by a few basic emotions. In this blog, we look at a few marketing tactics based in psychology that you can use to increase conversion rates on your website.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Survey: 87% of Mobile Marketers See Success with Location Targeting

A new report by Lawless Research found that 87 percent of in-house and agency marketers (700 marketers surveyed) are using location targeting, with location-based ads and custom personalization experiences as two of the main ways marketers are utilizing the data. As personalized marketing becomes more ubiquitous, we expect to see more brands utilize location targeting in the future. Read the full article and survey results here.


Facebook Expanding Marketplace Ads to More Countries

Facebook opened its Marketplace to all US advertisers last year, and after continued success in both the US and Canada, the social platform is now opening it to more countries and expanding ad types. Read about the new ad types and the expansion in their full blog post.


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