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How to Make Sure Your Content Gets Seen -2

How to Make Sure Your Content Gets Seen

December 4, 2018

By Carrie Hopkins

Working for a 100 percent remote marketing agency allows me to work from anywhere and be as comfortable as I want! I spend most days in a T-shirt and the ever-important yoga pants with my hair in a mess on top of my head. However, every once in a while, I actually do something with myself. Getting all dolled up for the day is a rarity and you best believe I’m going to get out of the house if I do! What’s the point of putting that effort in if nobody sees it? Content is kind of the same.

Your marketing team spends a lot of time cultivating great content, but does it matter if it’s not seen by your buyers? Content allows you to increase your leads, establish your company as an influencer in your space, genuinely provide helpful resources for your current and potential customers, and can even build the personal brand of your employees.

We are bombarded with content every single day—but it’s not all great content; we have to spend time sifting through it all to find the gems. How do you cut through the noise of mediocre content to ensure yours is seen by your buyers?

Tips to Make Sure Your Content Gets Seen

Effective Subject Lines

Whether you’re sending out information for an upcoming promotion or offering a piece of premium content, email is generally involved. I’m the type of person that breaks out in a sweat when I see a coworker’s inbox has more than 100 unread emails. The thought drives me into instant anxiety! However, overflowing inboxes are our reality.

An email’s subject line is your foot in the door, but you have a lot of competition. Crafting the perfect subject line takes practice. A few quick things to consider so that your email gets opened and your content is more likely to be read:

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  1. Personalize: Use personalization tokens whenever possible. We like to hear our own names and this small effort to tailor a subject line can have a huge impact on your open rate.

  2. Get creative and take some risks: Without exploiting the interests of your readers and ending up as clickbait, you can still take some risks with your subject lines. Show your brand’s personality and try out a few different options that cause a little anxiety with the internal team. You may be surprised by the results.

  3. Be concise and keep it short: We peruse our inboxes at lightning speed and usually don’t have the time, or desire, to read long subject lines that may even be cut off. Get to the point in your subject line! If you feel you have more to say, craft compelling preview text.

  4. A/B Test: Test your subject lines. Test your subject lines again. Rinse and repeat.

Engaging Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way for you to demonstrate your knowledge in your industry and provide real value to your customers without them spending a dime. Blogs have become a place for us to find answers, learn new things, get to know a person or company, and simply spend time reading content that we’re interested in. But how do you ensure your great blogs are seen?

  1. Stay keyword focused: Get inside the heads of your potential buyers. What keywords are they searching for? Having a keyword-focused blog title and copy will help your content rise to the eyes of your buyers.

  2. Share on social: You’ve written a great blog post for your buyer personas. Now, you need to tell them about it! Although a good SEO strategy will help your content organically, you can and should still do your part to push it out. Sharing your blogs on social media is a great place to start. Be strategic in this endeavor. What platforms are your personas engaging with daily? It may not make sense for you to push a blog in the same manner on every social channel. For example, a LinkedIn post may need a different tone than a tweet.

  3. Leverage your network: The more your blogs are pushed, the more likely they will be seen. Don’t forget that your internal team and network can be helpful in this endeavor. Tools like GaggleAMP can provide your team with a mechanism to share content to their personal networks. Encourage your company to participate, make it fun, and show them the end results.

  4. Timing: Timing is everything. Serve your content too early and your buyer won’t be ready; serve it too late and your content is now irrelevant to them. Truly knowing your personas and their buyer's journey is a key part of ensuring your content is not only seen, but also adds value. Need help getting started with buyer personas? Check out this comprehensive guide to building them.

Create content for the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. This will give your buyers the ability to access your content regardless of where they are in the process or will help you nurture them through it.

Keep working hard on cultivating great content and put the effort into making sure it gets seen. It's a learning and continual improvement process. Don’t let your content be all dolled up with nobody to show off to.

OK, back to my yoga pants. 

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