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How to Find Out Which Social Media Platform Your Buyer Persona Engages With

How to Find Out Which Social Media Platform Your Buyer Persona Engages With

July 13, 2018

By Sofia Pompeo

Developing buyer personas is one of the most important marketing practices out there. What some companies don’t realize is that you can leverage your buyer persona by using social media. Every social media post that you publish is a chance to connect with a prospective buyer and convert them from a prospect into a lead. In order for you to really connect with your buyer persona on social media, you need to figure out which social media platform your buyer persona engages with. Here are some pro tips on how to discover what social media platforms your buyer persona uses:

Have Your Buyer Persona Ready

Be sure you have as much information as possible on your buyer personas. Some things you may want to jot down are the age, role, background, and goals of your buyer persona. Without this, you won’t be able to look for data and you’ll have nowhere to start. So having your buyer persona laid out is key. After all of your information is compiled, you can begin your social media research.

Get to Know All Social Media Platforms

This one may seem like common sense, but it’s very important to point out and is sometimes easily overlooked. You can begin by conducting general research on which social media platforms retain the most engagement. Then you can take a look at which platforms your company utilizes to see where you stand. Always make sure your company is staying on track with the latest social media platform trends. Next, you can dig deeper and see exactly which platforms your buyer persona is heavily involved and engaged with. For example, if the age range of one of your buyer personas is from 18-24, you’ll likely find that Instagram and Snapchat are the platforms they use the most. The key here is to identify certain facts about your buyer persona and then conduct some research to find out where on social media they are going the most. Having the correct demographics here is vital.

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Tailor to Your Buyer Persona

Now that you are able to locate, research, and drive audience engagement on the social media platforms you need to, you can begin creating the content. You need to give your buyer personas exactly what they want so they can be highly engaged and even share your content. When you specifically tailor social posts to your buyer persona, they are more likely to connect with them. The best way to do this is to experiment with your posts. The product or service you are going to offer will play a major role in the type of content you’ll post on each social network. The best way to find out what type of content your buyer persona loves is to see where they are engaging the most. Once you find that out, you can continue to create similar posts so your engagement levels will keep increasing.


A great way to see what posts are getting the most engagement is by taking a look into the analytics side. Don’t be afraid of the data! Data is good and can lead you in the right direction. On each social media platform, you are able to analyze posts and monitor what's being published. If you watch this, you’ll be able to pinpoint hot spots about what content and platforms your audience loves. This goal will be easier if you are able to be organized and monitor all of your social media accounts in one place. A great place to do this is HubSpot. In HubSpot, you can monitor relevant conversations, track engagements you receive from certain posts, and schedule your social posts in advance to be published at the right time so the right people will see them.

In the beginning, you may not know where to start to find out all of this data. But remember, it all begins with setting up your buyer persona and then conducting research. Once you have these two things under your belt, you’ll be able to see what social media platform your buyer persona is engaging with the most and what type of content they enjoy. You’ll also know more about their behavior on each social media platform so you can make your messages and posts that much more powerful.


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