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How a HubSpot CMS Hub Website Can Influence Lead Conversion Rates

February 26, 2015

By Carly Ries


We hear it all the time from clients: “We want a website that makes it easy for us to publish content.” But what if you could take it a step further? What if you could not only publish content with ease, but also have that content connect to your marketing system, have it be optimized for search, and most importantly, help you increase lead conversion rates? It may sound too good to be true but it exists when you build a HubSpot CMS Hub website. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 ways a HubSpot CMS Hub website can influence lead conversion rates.

1. Marketing Channel Integration

The HubSpot CMS Hub is integrated with all of your marketing channels, from email, to social, to website content, and so on. Because all of your marketing efforts are tied together, your site analytics include all of the channels making it easy for you to identify where you need improvement and where your efforts are working. By analyzing this data, you’ll be able to better target your buyer persona, which will in turn allow you to capture more leads and increase lead conversion rates.

2. Smart, Personalized Content

This feature may be one of the most important tools in the HubSpot CMS Hub platform. Let’s be size never fits all. The same goes for content on your website. If you’re using HubSpot professional or enterprise levels, you have the ability to create smart content for your visitors. Smart content allows you to target people based off a preset criteria, like industry or lifecycle phase. For example, you are able to show different content to a new visitor than you would a repeat visitor who has already seen your content. By utilizing smart content, you can move the visitor through the buyer’s journey simply by showing content based off their criteria. By giving a visitor a personalized experience, they’ll be more likely to become a lead.

3. Built-in Landing Pages

Landing pages are another huge feature of a HubSpot CMS Hub website. If you don't already know, landing pages are website pages that detail an offers benefits and include a form to collect prospect information. Creating landing pages can be a tedious process if you’re starting from scratch. The HubSpot CMS Hub comes with a variety of templates to customize to match your site. These templates are automatically optimized and make it easy for visitors to convert. Along with this, the forms on the landing pages can change based off the user as well so that repeat visitors don’t have to submit their information more than once. Depending on your company, you may choose to have a person fill out content once and then get all future offers without submitting additional information, or you may have the form ask different questions each time a returning customer tries to download additional content in order to get more information about them. Either way, it contributes to the personalized experience and makes it easy for the visitor to convert into a lead.

4. Quick Load Times

It’s said that you have 3 seconds to make a first impression on somebody who is visiting your site for the first time. If those seconds are wasted on load time, the odds of you turning this new visitor into a lead significantly decreases. The HubSpot COS has faster than average load times, meaning you’ll increase your chances of keeping people on your site. The more people you engage on your site, the more likely you’ll convert leads.

5. Mobile Responsiveness

You don’t want to lose out on potential leads just because they can’t pull up your content from a mobile device. Developing mobile friendly content is an easy win! Unfortunately however, many mobile sites require additional coding to function properly. This is not the case for the HubSpot COS. This platform automatically comes with a responsive design so that your content can easily be viewed from your mobile or tablet devices. This will keep your mobile visitors engaged which will increase your odds for converting leads.

People often have to sort through site pages to find what they’re looking for which can lead to an inefficient use of time and frustration when what they’re looking for isn’t found. With the HubSpot COS, you can prevent users from experiencing these frustrations and help them find information faster. Bottom line, not only does this platform make your life easier, but it makes your visitors’ lives easier, and the happier the visitor, the more likely they’ll become a lead and eventually a customer.

In what ways has the HubSpot COS influenced your lead conversion rates? Please leave your comments below.

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