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Eight Tips For Impactful Landing Page Copy

October 19, 2012

By Jacqueline Feldman

Impactful landing page copy is key to any successful website. If you’re launching a new website or re-vamping an existing one, you probably know that having a killer landing page is key to closing a sale. Writing effective landing page copy can be difficult, so outlined below are eight techniques that will help you create a powerful landing page that converts. 

Tip #1: Hook Them With Your Headline
You have to reel readers in and you have to do it fast, so your headline might just be the single most important piece of your landing page copy.  Grab your readers’ attention and shake them up, so they continue reading on. A strong headline can have a major impact conversion rate. 

Tip #2: Include a Compelling Call to Action
Your landing page copy should tell your visitors precisely what you want them to do.  Your call-to-action should be brief, clear and direct. Here are a few examples:

         “Join the Club Now”

         “Try the Demo”

         “Find Out More”

         “Reserve Now”



Tip #3: Earn Their Trust
It’s vital that your landing page copy including trust-building elements.  Such elements include customer testimonials, case studies of previous successes or your company’s credentials.  Show people that they can count on you and how the others who did, benefitted from it. Also, writing in the second person can help you forge a stronger connection between the reader and your offering.  This means you speak to your readers in terms of “You” and “Your.”



Tip #5: Clarity Trumps Creativity
You're on a timer when someone visits your landing page, and it's set for 3 seconds. There's no time for fluffy language.  Avoid flowery and jargon-filled language that might distract visitors from what you can do for them.  Once you're finished crafting the landing page copy, read over it, and cross out every single word, phrase, and sentence that is not absolutely necessary to clearly convey meaning. 

Tip #6: Action Verbs Are Your Friend
So we’ve established that people lose interest in landing pages quickly. Having a killer headline and being clear get you far, but you also want to fill your landing page copy with action-oriented language.  When you use action verbs, you’re giving more compelling and definitive instruction for visitors, that helps them quickly orient themselves with exactly what you can do for them. 

Tip #7: Give Them A Deadline
Create an incentive for your visitors to act now versus later!  Consider running a time-sensitive promotion that gives customers a limited number of hours to respond, run it and heavily advertise it, but then turn it off once the designated time is complete.  Or, offer a certain number of copies of your product at a special price, but be sure to switch the copy back to the usual price once the set number has sold in order to maintain your credibility and use the idea of the set number has sold in order to maintain your credibility and use the idea of scarcity effectively. Just don’t promote a sense of urgency when there isn’t one, because if your “limited-time” promotion runs every day, you’ll only damage the trust you’ve built with your visitors. 


Tip #8: Reduce Objections
People are skeptical, so to improve the odds of making your sale or converting your visitor to a subscriber, you must anticipate what your customers’ objections might be and answer them with your copy.  This way you eliminate objections off the bat and you’ll be able to effectively sell your site visitor on why he or she should say YES to what you’re offering them.

Following these tips will help you create an effective landing page that will only get better as you learn what tweaks increase your conversion rate. We’d love to hear what aspects of your landing page copy you find to be most effective. Let us know by tweeting us at @smartbugmedia.

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