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4 Questions to Launch Your Data-Driven Email Strategy: This Week in Inbound Marketing

March 23, 2018

By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we look at four questions you need to ask in order to launch a data-driven email strategy, two easy ways to measure your leads, plus we review Twitter's latest policy update. 

1) New & Noteworthy

4 Questions to Launch Your Data-Driven Email Strategy

In order to deliver a remarkable email marketing program, you need to understand data. You need to understand who is engaging with your emails so you can start segmenting your emails by the different types of prospects/customers you work with. But before you can start analyzing data from email campaigns, you need to ask yourself four questions to ensure you’re gathering the data you need. In this blog, we look at the four questions you need to ask in order to launch a data-driven email strategy.

5 Conversion Boosters to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

Search engine marketing is getting super competitive, with more and more advertisers pouring money into Google AdWords each month. As the search marketing landscape gets more competitive, it’s imperative that search marketers stay up to date with the latest optimization tactics so you don’t continually pay more and more for your leads. In this blog, we look at five conversion boosters that you can use to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

The Two Easiest Ways to Measure Qualified Leads

Launching a new content piece and seeing leads roll in is very exciting. But we all know that at the end of the day, not all leads are created equal, and while leads are nice, revenue is king. In this blog, we’ll show you two ways that you can measure your qualified leads.


How to Prep Copy for a Designer to Create an Infographic

Infographics. You’ve seen them, engaged with them, and shared them. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes into creating an infographic? After all, where do you even start? Read as we discuss how to prep copy for your designer(s) so you can start creating powerful, shareable infographics.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Forecast: Amazon and Snapchat Gain U.S. Ad Revenues

Google and Facebook’s dominance over U.S. ad markets is shrinking. A new report from eMarketers predicts that total market share from Google and Facebook will drop to 56.8%, compared to 58.5% last year. While this may seem like a slight drop, it serves as proof that Amazon and Snapchat are gaining ground. This blog looks at Amazon’s recent growth and discusses the companies’ focus on online advertising in the coming years.


How Twitter’s Latest Policy Update is Impacting Brands

Last month, Twitter announced a new rule that restricts similar tweets with identical content across multiple accounts. For companies that manage multiple Twitter accounts, the new rule greatly affects the number of people who see your content, since you can no longer share across multiple accounts. It’s a move that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said will ultimately help build trust across the platform and its users, but in the short term it could hurt the social reach of many brands and companies. Read more about Twitter’s latest policy update here.


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