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Increasing Conversion Rates With Educational Content

September 16, 2011

By Ryan Malone

I’ve long argued that the best way to increase conversion rates is to provide value first. Whether this comes from walking somebody to an aisle at a storefront, or providing quality “how to” information on a website, the results are the same.

eMarketer recently shared research by Opinion Research Corporation and Adfusion confirming that Internet users are most likely to take action when they read articles that include brand information (53%).

What’s also interesting were the groups most likely to take action were low income and high-income respondents.

We’ve seen this cause and effect before–with our many white paper clients, we have long argued that customers who find a solution compelling will immediately look online for alternatives. According to InformationWeek, the first thing someone does after reading a white paper is go to search engines to get more information (75.8%).

Putting It in Practice

The message is pretty clear. Whether you’re focused on blog writing, article marketing or white paper marketing, you likelihood of conversion depends on your ability to educate the reader. The more you provide value upfront, the more likely the reader will take the action you’d like them too.

Photo credit: Simon Shek


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