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This Week In Inbound: 5 Industries Getting The Most ROI

March 11, 2017

By Christopher Hutchens


This week in inbound we'll look at which industries are seeing the highest ROI from digital marketing, why most small and medium size businesses are failing when it comes to digital marketing, and we'll look at some different ways you can enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

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5 Industries Getting the Most ROI from Digital Marketing

At a time when many businesses are realizing the importance of implementing digital marketing strategies, one question remains: Is it worth it? Does digital marketing provide real ROI? The evidence says yes, but some industries certainly benefit greater than others. Here are five industries seeing high ROI from their digital marketing initiatives.

Biggest Challenges for Digital Marketing in 2017

Frequently changing human behavior and the constant introduction of new technology helps explain why digital marketing is always changing. From increased security risk to a cluttered marked, 2017 will inevitably present challenges to digital marketers. To help you prepare for what lies ahead, learn about the biggest challenges to come this year.


Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Does Transcribing My Webinar Increase Organic Traffic?

To transcribe or not to transcribe—that is the question. By and large, if you are going through the effort of hosting a webinar, you should transcribe it so you don’t miss out on all the available traffic opportunities. Transcribing videos and webinars is not just about improving the user experience; it works extremely well for organic search as well. Find out more reasons why you should transcribe your webinar.

Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Sales Playbook

Every sports team in America has a playbook. Playbooks help teams execute deliverables and identify opportunities based on certain situations. For businesses, playbooks help facilitate the development of team processes and guidelines to ensure success. And when it comes to inbound marketing specially, a playbook is crucial. Whether you sell B2B or B2C, your business will benefit from building and implementing an inbound sales playbook. Click here to read more about the advantages of using an inbound sales playbook.

What to Consider When Choosing Hubspot Templates for Your Next Email Campaign

Mobile experience, readability, and common CSS issues are all factors to consider when choosing email templates. But unless you have some development knowledge or prior experience, it can be challenging to put together the exact email you want to send. Let our guide walk you through the process of choosing a email template for your next Hubspot campaign.

5 Steps for Writing a Killer Marketing Case Study

To write a great case study, you first need to build trust with the reader and tell a compelling story, but there’s more to it than that. Case studies are often filled with lifeless jargon and lists of features, which can turn readers off rather quickly. But when done well, they serve as a trusted source of information for consumers who increasingly trust online reviews. Try out these five steps to write a killer marketing case study.


Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

Why Digital Marketing Is Failing Most SMEs

Most small businesses are failing when it comes to digital strategy. When you drill down and look at the reason why, it stems from a lack of content, not enough social media posts, and an unresponsive website. Considering that most small businesses fail within two to five years, implementing a well-developed digital strategy in 2017 is crucial. Learn more about what leads to a failing digital marketing strategy for SMEs so you can avoid the most common mistakes.

8 Reasons Facebook Will Beat All Other Digital Marketing Channels This Year

Custom-targeted audiences and Facebook Live are two reasons why Facebook could beat out all other digital channels for advertisers in 2017. While Facebook advertising is still relatively new for most businesses, some are already using it as a primary advertising channel. Although advertising on any platform requires some experimentation to see what works for you and your audience, the ability to target specific consumers makes Facebook an incredibly valuable advertising channel. Keep your finger on the pulse of why Facebook will surpass other digital marketing channels this year.


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