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Is your company itching to get into the world of video marketing? There is a lot you can do with video, but the hard part is knowing where to start. Before you go out and buy thousands of dollars in video equipment, it is important to gather some valuable information first. Even better, get that information sent directly to your inbox!

After scouring the internet, we found 11.5 top video marketing resources you should subscribe to today.


1. Tubular Insights

Tubular Insights is your go-to resource for news, analysis, and tips for video marketing. This website has information on video marketing, video SEO, social videos, different video platforms, and even video pertaining to specific industries. Each month, it also posts a leaderboard on top videos and publishers on Facebook and YouTube. When subscribing, you are signing up for daily video tips and insights.

Favorite Article: 64 Percent of Consumers Purchase After Watching Branded Social Video Content


2. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video platform that helps businesses transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video. They also have some killer blog content. By subscribing to their blog, you will get articles pertaining to demand generation, marketing communications, small business marketing, and video production. Each article from Vidyard takes a look at video marketing and how it can fit into all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Favorite Article: Control the Conversation with Disruptive Video Storytelling


3. Video Brewery

Video Brewery is a great resource to find freelancers to create custom videos for your business, but it is also an excellent source for video marketing education. The Video Brewery blog focuses on different types of video marketing content and gives you awesome examples of video done well. Video Brewery only posts to its blog about once a month, so subscribing won’t overwhelm your inbox.

Favorite Article: How to Write a Killer Explainer Video Script


4. Wistia

Wistia is a professional video hosting platform with analytics and video marketing tools (it also has HubSpot integration). Wistia’s blog has just about everything you could want to learn when it comes to video. The two major topics it covers are video production and using video.

Favorite Article: Your Business's Videos Should Include Faces. Here's Why.

5. Video Marketing 2.0

Video Marketing 2.0 is actually a podcast that is leading the discussion about video marketing becoming a mainstream marketing event. Listen to videos about getting views on your videos, video marketing trends, and how to get started in video marketing. So, turn off the radio, and turn on one of these episodes.

Favorite Episode: Videos are effective at explaining complex technologies


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6. Unruly

The Unruly blog focuses on short-form video and using social media to improve video performance. This blog will also give you a lot of great examples of well done video marketing. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will also be able to keep up with news pertaining to all things video.

Favorite Article: The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Next Mobile Programmatic Video Campaign


7. Magnet Media Films

Magnet Media is a video production, optimization, and strategy agency. The fun part of Magnet Media’s blog is that it is a combination of written copy and actual video. This blog will also give you occasional information on content marketing as a whole. Magnet Media is a great resource for learning more about storytelling in general.

Favorite Article: The 3 Reasons Why Interactive Video Is Great For Your Video Content


8. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is another video hosting platform. By subscribing to SproutVideo’s blog, you will learn the essentials of video creation and marketing along with awesome video examples. When subscribing, you sign up for a weekly update, so again your inbox won’t feel the pain.

Favorite Article:  6 Video Marketing Secrets All Brands Can Learn From L’Oreal


9. Shakr

Shakr is a DIY video creation software. With this blog, you will have to subscribe via RSS, but it is worth it. Learn more about using videos within social media. You will be able to get information on how to use video on all of the different social media platforms available.

Favorite Article: 6 Different Types of Social Media Videos You Need to Be Using


10. Vimeo

If you are looking for a resource to spark your creativity, Vimeo is for you. See what videos are making waves on video. Vimeo’s Video School is a great way to learn production techniques for video creation.

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11. Think with Google

Like Vimeo, YouTube/Google keeps track of its top-performing video content. By subscribing to Think with Google you can learn about different video techniques that have been successful on YouTube, and keep up with the leaderboards from Cannes and YouTube Ads.

Favorite Article: 3 Ways Brands Are Innovating With YouTube Bumper Ads


Bonus: Smartbug

We couldn’t give you great video marketing resources without mentioning a great marketing resource in general. Subscribe to the Smartbug blog and get actionable insights about inbound marketing, web design, content marketing, and public relations as well as information related to video marketing.

Favorite Article: Webinar Marketing: Live or On-Demand?

What other video marketing resources are you subscribed to?


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