By Chelsea Boice

Like Ariel of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, video wants to be where the people are: websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, email, and so on. You probably have heard that consumers prefer video over other content formats, and its presence in the digital space has transcended a multitude of channels and platforms—especially when it comes to sales videos.

The opportunities to provide video content to your audiences are endless. As video has gained popularity, platforms that support video content, as well as production apps and software, have appeared at an increasing rate. With consumers seeking authenticity, there’s no need to bring out all the bells and whistles when producing a video—raw, lightly edited video content provides a down-to-earth authenticity that viewers appreciate more.

Brands are only as successful as the stories they tell. In a world where everyone is inundated with content, video has become a top contender for being visually appealing and effective as a tactic for marketing. 

Video content helps brands not only stand out in the noisy digital space, but also effectively tell their stories and connect with consumers.

If you need convincing, these stats should be enough to get you smiling for the camera:

Many people may think video is only relevant and useful for marketing. But let’s pivot to a side of an organization that can equally benefit from video content: sales.

The buying process has changed. Sales and marketing teams need to adapt to work  together successfully.    

Benefits that Will Make You Fall in Love with Sales Videos

Like their marketing counterparts, sales teams strive to help brands convey their stories and stand apart from competitors. A simple video introducing yourself or explaining a product or feature gives the potential customer a visual way to engage with you face to face, but also provides the authenticity consumers crave by showing that you’re a real person, ready to be an ally and resource. With tools like Vidyard’s GoVideo or even QuickTime’s screencast, making videos like this has never been easier. 

With these advantages in mind, it’s obvious there are many ways that utilizing video in the sales process can help reps.

3 Ways to Use Sales Videos

1. Prospecting: When it comes to prospecting outreach, email has become the name of the game and videos are especially effective during this stage. Most prospecting emails include some piece of content to help show the brand’s value to the prospect, whether it be an industry tip or insight, a blog post, or a relevant datapoint. Consider adding a visual and personal touch by sharing a video of yourself discussing the content.

2. Addressing concerns and demonstrating value: Videos make demonstrations of a product or explanations of a service not only visually appealing, but easy to follow and digest. Some brands have products and services whose value propositions aren’t easy to grasp up front, which can cause a bit of friction between the sales rep and prospect. Consider providing prospects with videos of expert team members explaining tricky concepts, or share a video of yourself walking through common concerns or frequently asked questions.

3. Consider adding a more personalized, inclusive touch to proposals: Proposals are often text-heavy, dense documents that don’t leave much to the imagination. By pairing a proposal with video content, you can lead prospects to the finish line in an exciting, engaging way. Consider showcasing videos of current customers sharing their experience with your brand, or of your team welcoming the new prospect to the brand family.

Do you use video in your sales efforts already? We would love to hear how video content is helping your sales team spread your brand’s story and secure new clients—tweet us @smartbugmedia.


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