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Savvy CFO

Connecting Teams with Fractional Financial Services

Savvy CFO website on a desktop
Savvy CFO website on a tablet
Savvy CFO website on a mobile device


As a financial services provider, Savvy CFO connects financial professionals with owners of privately owned businesses of any size who are motivated to grow and need financial talent on a project, interim, or fractional basis. By providing top-tier financial talent, Savvy CFO delivers timely, accurate, and easily digestible financial information. The team’s approach is to treat every month-end as if it were the year-end.

When Savvy CFO first approached SmartBug, they were eager to launch their very first website and grow their online presence. The SmartBug team quickly got to work behind the scenes to craft cohesive messaging, a modern color palette and 3D graphics, an interactive quiz, and an income comparison calculator to show prospects exactly how much they could be earning by joining the team. 

Modern Color Palette on Savvy CFO Modern UX/UI on Savvy CFO

Modern Color Palette

Website visitors are greeted with a fresh color palette, 3D graphics, and sleek UX/UI. By integrating unique design elements into the imagery, our design team created custom graphics.

Savvy CFO Interactive Quiz on desktop Savvy CFO Interactive Quiz on a mobile device

Interactive Quiz

Visitors engage with a short quiz, answering questions about their industry, their business’ maturity, and their tech stack, to discover financial resources most closely related to their needs.

Savvy CFOs's Income Comparison Calculator on a tablet Savvy CFOs's Income Comparison Calculator on a mobile device

Income Comparison Calculator

Prospective team members enter their income and working hours to compare their current earnings with the financial benefits and freedom of teaming up with Savvy CFO.