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Picture this: Your company has a new product to launch.

Your startup has some of the best and the brightest thought leaders in the industry, so your organization has great, in-depth knowledge to offer on industry topics.

So, now what? What happens next?

Well, your company probably writes a blog, delivers a webinar, and creates an e-book to share on social media, your website, and throughout your customer database.

Those are all good tactics.

But there's actually a component that's missing in this mix — public relations.

Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that a content marketing program fits into the same bucket as public relations. They assume that they're interchangeable..

But the thing is, there's more opportunity out there.

That's where PR comes in.

Both public relations and content marketing deliver communication to a targeted audience. But the outcome and the delivery are actually very different.

In my latest episode of SmartBug on Tap I talked about why and how you can use PR to ramp up your content marketing program. So, here are three ways to use public relations to really get the biggest bang out of your content marketing program.

1. Pass It On

You have all of these great ideas packaged in the form of blog posts or e-books. You might even have really great, informative content in videos.

Your team has spent time and resources developing the messages that you want to deliver.

So, why does it have to stop there?

After all, the hard work is already done.

There's just one more thing to do:

Review the headlines of your content to determine what might be a topic fit for a mainstream audience or a trade publication. Then, pass that content on.

Don't let that content stop as an item on your website or as a tweet on Twitter.

Let the media know that it exists.

You can use the media’s built-in audience to allow your content to build traction.

And, since PR is about relationships, the more you pass along, the more they will know you are truly an expert within the industry.

2. Double Down on Your Efforts

Take that content and tweak it.

Besides letting the media know that your content exists, the next step is to let them know that your author can write a bylined piece for their outlet on that topic.

All you have to do is tweak what already exists.

Use the content marketing piece to show your expertise and your subject matter know-how.

This is going to require minimal effort for your organization since the content was already written, but it's going to allow you to author a unique piece with the same flavor.

Using existing content to pitch a byline is such an effortless way to get front and center with your target audience.

Just remember, you want to keep the self-promotion at bay and really come across as educational.

3. Look for Ways to Become an Expert 

Remember, the media is always looking for experts who can be quoted and who can offer their opinions for articles that are in their pipeline.

So, become their expert.

Take the time to figure out what the writer covers.

Then, send a very to-the-point email that discusses how your subject is relevant to current business trends and how you can add expertise to those news topics.

Your pitch should be short, and it should lend a very clear angle for a story.

Linking to your content marketing efforts will point to what you're proposing to the media. It will show proof points of expertise and give the media an additional place to obtain quotes, as well.

An effective content marketing program is a really important storytelling tool.

But, at the end of the day, there's nothing like third party validation.

It can be a major win for visibility efforts and it should really be a part of every company's strategy, no matter the size.

The credibility that's gained from being a part of something that was not self-published should not be overlooked.

So, that's why and how to use PR to accentuate your content marketing program.

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