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INBOUND 2019 is here! 

Thousands of marketers are gathering in Boston this week for three days of sessions, workshops, keynotes, and vendors. Basically, it’s an entire year's worth of marketing education packed into a few impactful days.

On today's episode, two of our team members —  Senior Developer, Mark Ryba, and Team Leader, Richie Knight — are highlighting two more sessions we’re really excited to attend. They’re diving into the details of the session, the key takeaways, and why they’re recommending that you attend, as well. 

The Session Mark Is Most Excited About

First, the Details

Obviously, being a developer, a lot of the sessions that jump out to Mark in particular have to do with technology, automation, efficiency, and how we can be delivering our messages at a larger scale. 

For that reason, the session titled "Technology, Your Company, and the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences" being presented by Kate O'Neill, in his opinion, is a can't miss session. 

This session will be held Wednesday, September 4th at 10:45am. 

What It’s All About

Kate was one of the first 100 employees at Netflix. She has also consulted with brands including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Toshiba. So, the core of her career has really been about leveraging emerging technologies — algorithms, automation, and now, artificial intelligence — to deliver more human experiences at scale. 

Kate's session should be about how to use these tools we have to develop content plans and content experience plans to make sure that our audience is having an incredible human experience interacting with our brands. 

Why You Should Attend

We shouldn't be getting lost in the data, graphs, and all the analytics that we, as marketers, love to look at. We’ve got to remember that there are people at the end of each of those metrics.

So, this session should be a great reminder that at the end of every email open, every video view, every podcast listen — all these different interactions — there is a person that we are trying to connect with. 

The Session Richie Is Most Excited About

First, the Details

The session Richie is most excited about is led by Dan Tyre, one of the sales directors at HubSpot. The session is called "Curveballs: 8 Ways Your Prospects & Customers Have Changed this Year" and will take place on Thursday, September 5th at 3:45pm.

What It’s All About

We've hit a content overload online, so our traditional content playbook doesn't always work anymore. 

Buyers are smarter, they're looking for more, and they're looking for it more quickly. 

So, we can expect Dan to talk about how we can effectively employ the latest content trends to better reach our buyers and prospects. 

Some of the key takeaways we can expect from this session are:

  • How customers' expectations have changed and why you need to respond 
  • What is time to value and why has it accelerated so quickly
  • Why turning down certain business is in your best interest

Why You Should Attend

This session should help us to really refine our marketing playbooks and ensure they’re still reaching our clients in the most effective way possible.

But in addition to that, we are really excited about that last bullet point. 

We spend a lot of time thinking about what's a fit client. But we never really think through what's an unfit client. Or what they can do to our business. 

How do unfit clients affect team morale? What about churn

Working with a client that's not the best fit for us can completely throw off the momentum that we've got going as a business. 

So, we’re excited for Dan to share his thoughts on this issue.

We hope this series has helped you prioritize how you'll spend your time in Boston.

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