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If you've never been to INBOUND before, here's something you need to know: it's massive. They have over 250 speakers, which means there are about that many sessions, as well. That’s a lot to choose from. It can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time attending. 

So, last week we kicked off our Countdown to INBOUND series. This series is designed to give you the inside scoop on all things INBOUND. Hopefully that it will help you decide which sessions to attend, allowing you to really get the most out of your time there.

Today we’re introducing you to two more of our team members, Christopher Hutchens, Marketing Consultant, and Nicki Kamau, Marketing Programs Manager. They came on this week’s episode of SmartBug on Tap to talk about the INBOUND session they're most excited about and why they're recommending that you attend as well.

The Session Christopher Is Most Excited About

First, the Details

The session Christopher is most excited about is titled "Build Your Audience With Bite-Sized Storytelling." It will take place at 12:00pm on Thursday, September 5th.

The speaker is Ravi Jain, Senior Associate Director of Digital Media and Web Development at Boston College.

What It’s All About

Here’s what you can expect Ravi to cover during the session:

  • Examples of storytelling in the aggregate
  • How to leverage your existing delivery platforms to serve stories in the episodic
  • How to parse large stories into free-standing short-form content

Why You Should Attend

Before he worked at SmartBug, Christopher worked for a radio and marketing company. 

While working in that role, he learned a lot about marketing via radio campaigns. Here’s one of his biggest takeaways: stay consistent with your message, but vary the story you're telling.

Every company has a story. 

And today, as companies attempt to build strong brands with loyal customers, you need to know how to share your story. 

This session is designed to help you do that. 

The Session Nicki Is Most Excited About

First, the Details

The session Nicki is most excited about attending is called, "From No ABM Program to Award-Winning ABM Program in Just One Year." It's on Wednesday, September 4th at 1:15pm and will be given by Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Sigstr.

What It’s All About

This session will cover:

  • How to create an ABM program from scratch
  • How to leverage the tools you already have at your disposal to ramp up ABM
  • How to target content along the buyer’s journey to accelerate sales
  • How to add sophistication to your strategy once you have a foundation in place

Why You Should Attend

Full disclosure, Nicki is a huge fan of Justin and his work. 

Not just because they’ve already worked together on some co-marketing (you can check out their piece here!). 

But also because, with 15 years of experience building marketing programs, Justin has a lot of expertise to share.

He’s going to talk about Sigstr's personal journey with ABM — how their four person marketing team developed their program and overcame mistakes along the way. While we love learning and growing from our own mistakes, we’d much rather spare ourselves and learn from someone else's. 

And Justin’s team didn’t just overcome their mistakes — they achieved a lot of success. In fact, they built their ABM program in a way that allowed them to bring in over 50% of their new customers in the second half of 2018 and receive and “ABM-ie.”

Whether you’re a marketing for a small SaaS startup or a large corporation, we know you’ll gain some valuable insights as Justin shares his experience.

So, if you're attending INBOUND this year, make sure to mark your calendars for these sessions.

And be sure to stop by our booth to say hi to our team!

Headed to INBOUND? Let us know! Tweet me or SmartBug at @jenspencer or @smartbugmedia.

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