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Why do I need revenue analytics?

Understanding the factors that drive your business’s revenue is crucial for sustained growth and success. Revenue Intelligence provides the insights needed to enhance and optimize your sales process, from pipeline creation to closing deals. With comprehensive revenue intelligence, you can spot risk in your pipeline,  predict future performance, and make informed decisions that improve your rep’s quota attainment. By leveraging real-time data, you can improve sales strategies, enhance team performance, and increase overall efficiency. The ability to accurately track and forecast revenue ensures that you are always a step ahead, ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address potential risks.

Why do I need Ebsta?

Ebsta helps businesses like yours gain real-time actionable insights that significantly impact revenue. By leveraging Ebsta’s advanced revenue intelligence tools, you can identify risks in your sales pipeline faster, enhance your sales performance, and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.


Automated Data Capture

With Ebsta, automatically capture contacts, emails, and meetings within your CRM, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date information without the manual effort.


AI-Powered Revenue Insights

Ebsta analyzes the relationships, activity and progress in your pipeline to understand the factors driving revenue.. This allows you to see who knows who, where key relationships are weakening, and what actions you can take to revive and progress deals, ensuring no deal slips.


Accurate Forecasting

Effortlessly share precise forecasts with your team to improve alignment and invest in faster, more efficient growth. Ebsta’s insights allow you to make informed decisions, leading to better outcomes for your business.

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Why SmartBug + Ebsta?

Together, SmartBug Media and Ebsta empower businesses to achieve predictable, efficient growth through data-driven decision-making. Our partnership combines SmartBug’s strategic expertise with Ebsta’s powerful tools to deliver unmatched insights and improvements across your revenue process.

With SmartBug + Ebsta, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Sales Alignment: Improved coordination between your sales and marketing teams, leading to more efficient and effective sales strategies.
  • Improved Rep Quota Attainment + Accurate Forecasting: Reliable, real-time insights that enable you to forecast more accurately and make improved pipeline decision-making.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized recommendations and actionable steps designed to meet your unique business needs and drive tangible results.

Transformative Sales Hub Revenue Insights Audit

Check out our joint Sales Hub Revenue Insights Audit, a quarterly service that dives deep into your revenue engine. Using Ebsta’s cutting-edge Revenue Intelligence tools, we analyze key factors and indicators to identify inefficiencies, optimize pipeline growth, and enhance sales velocity. This comprehensive audit provides you with a detailed presentation of actionable insights, helping you address critical pain points.

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Ebsta 2024 B2B Sales Benchmarks Report

Discover the latest insights and trends in B2B sales with Ebsta’s comprehensive 2024 B2B Sales Benchmarks Report. This value-packed resource provides in-depth analysis and benchmarks to help you understand how your sales performance stacks up against industry standards and where your opportunities to optimize may be.


Ready to Take Your Revenue Analytics to the Next Level?

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