Why choose HubSpot over Mailchimp?

HubSpot is so much more than a Mailchimp alternative. It is an advanced marketing automation platform that goes beyond email to help your company meet its marketing, sales, and service goals. 

From advanced workflows that make your job easier to customized websites and closed loop reports, you'll find HubSpot to be a powerful automation platform for your marketing needs.

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Key Features and Tools You Won’t Find in Mailchimp

Sales Automation

Save time on tedious sales tasks with streamlined automation tools. In the HubSpot Sales Hub, you can easily schedule meetings, initiate sales sequences, create follow-up tasks, and so much more. Focus more time on nurturing and closing qualified leads and less time on data entry.

Sales Automation
Progressive Profiling

Ease leads into sharing information with you by gradually collecting data over time. Gain a prospect’s trust by slowly building a customer profile through forms and asking the right questions at the right time. Cookie tracking fills in the gaps between the data you ask for and the information you've already collected.

Progressive Profiling
Lead Scoring

Prioritize your prospects and focus on the best opportunities with HubSpot's predictive lead scoring. HubSpot will analyze firmographic and behavioral data to determine your most qualified leads—and where to best focus your outreach for more sales.

Lead Scoring

HubSpot's unique analytics tools offer you clear metrics to make informed and strategic decisions for the future. You'll find a variety of marketing and sales reports and dashboards that keep you up-to-date about your company’s performance

Analytics 1
Analytics 2
Analytics 3
Analytics 4
Advanced Workflows

HubSpot's advanced workflows tool enables marketers to create sophisticated lead nurture paths that guide potential customers down the Buyer’s Journey. Additionally, HubSpot users can use workflows to create tasks, update fields, initiate additional workflows, and much more.

Advanced Workflows
Attribution Reporting

If you're looking to invest your time where it matters the most, attribution reporting can shed light on which strategies are offering the best ROI. Find out which of your marketing and sales efforts are the most profitable with multi-touch attribution reports.

Attribution Reporting

Considering Mailchimp alternatives? HubSpot is the full-service email and digital marketing platform that marketers need today, with advanced features that offer insight, information, and innovation. In-depth dashboard reports enable you to analyze website performance, review campaigns, evaluate content, and track your sales team over time. You’ll have all the tools and information you need to make decisions for the future.

Email Marketing
Multiple subscription types
Single and double opt-in subscriptions
Handle unsubscribes
Send emails based on timezone
Use personalization tokens and dynamic content to customize messages
Filter graymail
Reporting your email performance
Automated emails via workflows
Analyzing the behavior of recipients and sending future emails based on the times the have clicks in the past
Sending out an email in "batches" so that traffic to your website is controlled
Ability to pause and edit an email in the middle of a scheduled send
Multivariate testing
Segment and create lists of your database
Export contacts to a spreadsheet
Deal Pipeline & Forecasting
Meeting Scheduling
Sales Sequences
Lead Scoring (Predictive & Manual)
Knowledge Base
Service Ticket Routing
Landing Pages
Progressive Profiling
Dependent Fields
Pop-up Forms
Live Chat
Conversational Bot
Social Media Posting
Ads Retargeting
Drag-and-drop website builder
Custom HTML
Merge tags/dynamic content
Blogging platform

“HubSpot has everything in a single location, and the reporting component makes a huge difference. The integration of digital activities in one place is so convenient to have. HubSpot’s training is also really useful, giving entry-level users a more in-depth understanding of how the product works. You can even apply employee goals to training, and at the end of the day, you are going to have a more educated workforce.”

Sam Shapiro
Director of Communications and Sustainability Initiatives, Able Services
Former Mailchimp User
HubSpot sprocket

Top reasons why customers choose HubSpot over Mailchimp

Help marketing align with sales, and vice versa.

Help marketing align with sales, and vice versa.

Often, sales and marketing teams are not on the same page. This communication gap is detrimental to each team's goals and can sour your customer's experience. HubSpot helps align both sides of the coin, resulting in more effectiveness across the board.

See a single, unified view of your contacts’ interactions.

See a single, unified view of your contacts’ interactions.

When you use a variety of platforms for marketing insights, it can be challenging to get one comprehensive perspective of a lead or customer's journey. With HubSpot, you can see the entire relationship in one place—simply and easily.

Keep executives informed on marketing performance.

Keep executives informed on marketing performance.

If you have a hard time proving the success of your marketing strategy to higher-ups, HubSpot offers robust reporting tools to find the information you need to justify your efforts. With HubSpot’s help, find out which initiatives are having the most impact.

Consolidate your data to a single source of truth.

Consolidate your data to a single source of truth.

You can stop using a number of different tools to get the information you need. If you’re using Mailchimp, you’re likely also using other platforms for social media, webpages, and CRM. Save time and effort by having everything under one roof with HubSpot. 

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