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Julia Bye

Director, Marketing Strategy


Julia is a Senior Marketing Strategist based in Minneapolis, MN. After working as in-house marketing for a number of years, she transitioned to the agency side of things. She loves learning about a variety of different industries and working with her clients to help solve their sales and marketing issues. In her free time, Julia enjoys getting outdoors and hiking.

Recent Articles by Julia

Woman working on her year-end marketing budget

How to Allocate Your End-of-Year Marketing Budget

Discover expert tips on how to allocate your year-end marketing budget for optimal ROI. Get ready to make the most of your marketing dollars!

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Marketer at a whiteboard explaining their sales strategy to the team

How to Build an Intent-Based Marketing Approach into Your Efforts with ZoomInfo

Use intent-based marketing data from leading providers like ZoomInfo to focus marketing efforts on customers based on their web and engagement activity.

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Two women enjoying coffee shot from above

The Key to Being Recession-Proof: Never Stop Marketing or Advertising

Investment in marketing through a recession will give your business a larger share of voice in your industry compared to competitors who cut budgets.

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