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SmartBug Media® Launches Comprehensive Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub Migration Solution

April 25, 2024

Solution guides organizations in maximizing the value of HubSpot by driving customer success at scale throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

Featured image for migration made simple with SmartBug's new solution for migrating clients from Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub

IRVINE, Calif., January 11, 2024 — Today, SmartBug Media® — a HubSpot elite solutions partner and the digital agency of choice for organizations looking to create resilient growth across the entire customer lifecycle — announced the launch of a Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub migration solution. 

“We not only manage the heavy lifting of transferring comprehensive customer service data, including sophisticated automations and custom reports, but also provide both in-person and virtual training programs to onboard your team effectively to Service Hub,” Jen Spencer, CEO U.S. of SmartBug®, said. “This approach guarantees not just a smooth migration but also a strong foundation for maximizing the value of HubSpot throughout the entire customer lifecycle.”

SmartBug’s offering stands apart from existing DIY solutions because it’s a full-service approach, which includes:

  • Pre-migration planning with a detailed scope analysis
  • Complete, seamless transfer from Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub of crucial customer service data, including tickets, chat conversations (coming soon), attachments and automations
  • Comprehensive configuration and testing for optimal HubSpot Service Hub setup
  • Personalized post-migration support that includes optimization strategies and training to enhance long-term success

SmartBug’s introduction of this migration tool follows HubSpot’s launch of an array of new features for its Service Hub customer support solution, including skills-based routing and a help desk that centralizes support and customer success operations into an omnichannel system. With those upgrades, companies can now consolidate disparate databases into a single, integrated database by managing all support conversations and tickets within one unified HubSpot platform.

“As the needs of our customers continue to evolve and grow ever more complex, it’s so reassuring to know that SmartBug is there to always deliver exceptional help and value at every stage of their journey,” says Brian Garvey, SVP, Solutions Partner and Provider Ecosystem at HubSpot. “Businesses who want to invest in delightful support and customer experiences at scale - with unified insights - can now migrate even more easily to HubSpot’s reinvented Service Hub.”

In addition to a smooth technical transition, this offering also focuses on the broader strategic goal of emphasizing the full customer lifecycle by improving operational efficiency, reducing customer churn and enhancing customer experience. Standout features and advantages SmartBug’s migration solution offers include:

  • Full White-Glove Service: An unparalleled white-glove service that encompasses pre-migration reporting, comprehensive data migration, and customized onboarding and training for HubSpot’s Service Hub ensures that businesses not only transition smoothly but are also fully equipped to utilize the new system effectively.

  • Unmatched Data Integrity and Continuity: A meticulous approach to data migration ensures that no ticket, conversation or attachment is left behind, maintaining data integrity and continuity of customer service operations.

  • Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Customer Experience: By consolidating customer data into HubSpot’s integrated platform, the migration solution eliminates the inefficiencies of navigating multiple systems and screens, streamlining operations and significantly improving the customer service experience.

  • Cost-Effective Unified Solution: Transitioning to HubSpot’s Service Hub with the migration tool means businesses can enjoy the benefits of a single invoice for their marketing, sales and customer experience tech stack, reducing administrative burden and costs.

  • Skill-Based Routing and Sophisticated Use Cases: Leveraging HubSpot’s advanced features, such as skill-based routing, SmartBug’s solution is ideal for complex operations, including multi-country direct-to-consumer companies or multi-business unit companies, enabling them to manage millions of SKUs efficiently.

  • Empowering Teams for Success: Beyond migration, SmartBug provides extensive training and support to ensure teams are fully adept at leveraging HubSpot’s capabilities, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service.

To learn more about the Zendesk to HubSpot migration solution, visit here.


SmartBug Media® is the digital agency of choice for organizations looking to create resilient growth across the entire customer lifecycle. From marketing to sales, revenue operations to customer success and e-commerce to integration, SmartBug® combines sound strategies and technology with top talent to de-risk the future and set a course for continued success.

As a two-time HubSpot North American Partner of the Year, SmartBug is one of HubSpot’s top elite solutions partners. SmartBug is also a Google Premier Partner and an Elite Master partner of Klaviyo. For more information about SmartBug Media, visit


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