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How Leading Companies Optimize HubSpot Hubs and Features for the Full Customer Lifecycle: An Infographic

Most HubSpot customers are only scratching the surface of what the platform has to offer.
HubSpot and the Full Customer Lifecycle Animated

In today’s competitive business landscape where clients have endless alternatives to explore, it is crucial to optimize the full customer lifecycle and fuel your flywheel. Understanding and leveraging benchmarks of HubSpot users provides you valuable insights into the features that leading companies use most effectively, allowing you to elevate your business performance.

Keep reading for a deep dive into survey results coupled with benchmarks and HubSpot’s first-party data, revealing how businesses are using HubSpot to its fullest potential and identifying features you might be underusing or overlooking entirely. By accessing anonymized HubSpot user performance metrics from our benchmark group, you can see how your company measures/stacks up, and take actionable steps to enhance your customer lifecycle management.

How Are Companies  Using HubSpot? 

Over the years, HubSpot has grown from a marketing automation platform to the go-to platform for streamlining marketing, sales, revenue, CMS, and service operations. By examining how companies are adopting and using HubSpot's extensive suite of features, we can gain insights into which tools are most valued and how they enhance business processes. This overview highlights the most commonly implemented features during the onboarding process, the ongoing usage trends within the Marketing Hub, and the potential of lesser-used tools to drive engagement and conversions.

Marketing Team Doing Market Analysis

 Top Five  HubSpot Features During Implementation

Let's dive into the five features that were the most common to implement immediately while onboarding HubSpot.

marketing emails
60 %
of respondents began their HubSpot journey with marketing emails, the top tool in set up.
59 %
imported contacts during their HubSpot implementation.
Click that CTA!
57 %
set up Calls-to-action (CTAs) to begin tracking their conversion rates.
social media
53 %
went straight to focusing on their digital presence by connecting their social media accounts.
Sales team, enabled!
51 %
enabled their sales team with email templates, sequences, and snippets.

What about the features that received the  least amount  of love during HubSpot implementation?

The bottom five should be taken with a grain of salt, as 51% of survey respondents have been using HubSpot for more than 3 years, meaning that Operations and Service Hubs, as well as some of these features, could have launched after they invested in HubSpot meaning it wouldn't have been possible to set these features up during implementation.

marketing emails
15 %
set up Smart Content.
14 %
built quotes in the Sales Hub.
Click that CTA!
13 %
created a knowledge base in Service Hub.
social media
12 %
set up payments, which is likely the same group who set up quotes.
Sales team, enabled!
9 %
built their ticketing system in Service Hub.
arrow pointing down

What Happened Next?

After the initial set up there are some features that you might use rarely, like importing contacts, and others that will become the bread and butter of your HubSpot use. Here are the top 5 HubSpot Marketing Hub features that respondents used in the last quarter.

56 %
Email Marketing
54 %
42 %
Landing Pages
51 %
Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software
46 %

Some of the least used features were exit intent forms at 6% of respondents and video hosting at 4%.

That’s not to say that these features and strategies shouldn’t be used in your marketing campaigns. It’s possible that many respondents didn’t know they can create exit intent forms with HubSpot using their CTAs feature (yes, it moved from Pop-Ups).

As for video hosting, we have to recognize the many options and various benefits of different video platforms, from business focused platforms like HubSpot, Vidyard and Wistia, to public platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, and the option to bypass other platforms and only host natively on social media.


Don't Be Afraid of the Exit Intent  Pop-Up 

Exit-intent pop-ups capture customers' attention and offer incentives just before they leave the site, providing you an opportunity to re-engage users who haven’t converted, or who might have abandoned their shopping cart. These pop-ups aren't just for e-commerce, and can encourage completion of downloads, form fills, and purchases, all helping businesses improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

It's All in  The Data 

It's no secret that data and analytics are both a marketer's best friend and worst enemy. They offer deep insights and precise targeting capabilities, empowering informed decisions and campaign optimization. However continually changing goals, shifts in RevOps practices and criteria for lifecycle stages, and the difficulty of obtaining clean data can lead to analysis paralysis and confusion. So, how are leaders handling data?

Frequency of data backed decisions

Frequency of data backed decisions

34% of survey respondents report reviewing/analyzing performance and making decisions based off of the data on a weekly basis, 32% on a monthly basis, 17% on a daily basis. 
HubSpot data and devision making

HubSpot data and decision making

28% of survey respondents report data provided by HubSpot plays a significant role in their decision making while 40% of survey respondents report using data provided by HubSpot as one of the factors in deciding their next marketing move.

Sales Hub Favorites

The top 5 most frequently used Sales Hub features include, email integration, sales pipeline management, call logging app, sales reports and performance management, and deal tracking.

said email integration was their most used Sales Hub feature.
said meetings is the most essential feature.

Want to See How You Stack Up?

With five Hubs, hundreds of features, and over 1,000 third-party integrations, it's clear that no two companies use HubSpot in the same way. 

Where do you stand? Are you at still scratching the surface of HubSpot, or are you deep into the nooks of each of the newest Hubs? Its your turn to become a part of the live, anonymized data by joining the Databox benchmark and taking the corresponding survey. All you need to do is click below to access the full benchmark report and survey results.