By Jennifer Shore

HubSpot's Content Optimization System (COS) is not your average CMS. The COS is the next generation of website platforms for companies looking to merge their website and marketing efforts. HubSpot’s fully-integrated, user-friendly solution is an inbound marketers dream come true. The COS offers a number of incredible features that makes it a top choice for organizations.

Here are a few benefits of choosing the HubSpot COS as your website platform:

Everything in one place: Many users are forced to go to different websites to manage their social media, analytics, email and other digital efforts. It can become quite the juggling act. The HubSpot COS brings everything you should be doing to grow your online presence in one easy-to-use control panel. This ensures everything is connected and all reporting back to the same place. That means users can manage their website, carry out A/B tests to see what is working and receive clear and concise feedback from a single login

1. Smart Content

Traditional Content Management Systems gain popularity for allowing users to easily manage and update the content on their site. The HubSpot COS takes it one step further by delivering targeted content to specific groups of people. Smart Content is configured based on either the buyer’s journey lifecycle stage or contact list. Instead of creating generic content directed at a broad audience, you can put out a tailored and specific message for new visitors, qualified leads and repeat customers based on their needs. This revolutionary approach will give you a new outlook on your content strategy.

2. Custom Design

For those without any design background, the HubSpot COS allows users to create their website with a custom template builder. Users are given complete freedom to manipulate the templates structure design and layout however they’d like. The template builder includes drag and drop functionality to completely customize the layout of the page, while the style manager allows font, color, style changes and more without ever touching the CSS style sheet. For those with coding experience, the COS gives  you total freedom to tweak templates as you’d like.

3. Responsive Design

If you’ve been keep up with the latest web trends, you’ve probably heard of responsive design. Studies show 60% of internet users are accessing websites from their tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. As web users are increasingly moving to these methods, it’s crucial to your digital strategy to have a website that will respond and adapt to fit on various screen sizes.

The HubSpot COS is completely responsive - instead of manually having to code the site to enable responsiveness, it automatically does it for you. With little CSS and HTML knowledge, you can create a completely custom mobile version of your website.

4. Lightning Speed

According to a recent test by a Yottaa, the HubSpot ranked first in speed compare to sites built in Wordpress, Joomia and Drupal. Since Google now includes website speed in their search algorithm, faster page loads will also improve your SEO efforts. Double score.

5. SEO Benefits

Most SEO tools require users to conduct outside research and prioritize keywords throughout their website and blog. HubSpot’s all-in-one-platform gives users SEO recommendations along-side their content tools - allowing them to quickly utilize high-ranking keywords. HubSpot helps you optimize your site for the right keywords, improve your search ranking and keeps an eye on competitors.

6. Analytic Tracking

The HubSpot COS also provides analytics to help you find out what is and isn’t working. When your keywords are no longer performing well, HubSpot will let you know there’s room for improvement. Users will receive suggestions for internal links, CTAs, more landing pages,  and other opportunities to grow your marketing efforts. The HubSpot COS analytics platform allows you to track organic traffic, page performance, potential leads and much more all in one place.

Ready to see what the HubSpot COS can do you for you? Request a COS Website Consultation today.

This post was originally published in 2015 and has since been updated.


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