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The 5 Components of Catchy Blog Titles

February 25, 2015

By Tony Adragna


Think about what draws you into reading a blog posts.  It is almost always the title, because that is what you see first. However, blog titles are often thought of as a secondary issue, rather than primary, which shouldn’t be the case. Your blog titles are what draws your audience to your website; and with lackluster titles, you often times will see lackluster results. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, as the five components to a catchy blog title are below, and can help get you on the fast track drawing more readers to your blog.

1. Use Numbers

You don’t have to use numbers in every blog title, but they can help draw in readers to your blog.  There are not industry best-practices on what numbers to use, but typically, people only remember 3-5 points, so keep that in mind.  However, using numbers like 18 or 9 can help grab a readers’ attention because they are not numbers that are typically used.

2. Use Trigger Words

Trigger words are words like “what, how, when, why, etc.”  The use of trigger words often can help you persuade or enable your audience.  For example, the blog title “How you can effortlessly increase leads quickly” uses a trigger word that helps to grab your audience’s attention.  Look at that blog title in comparison to a title like “Increase Your Leads.”  The first one uses just a few different words, but it sounds much more enticing for your audience.

3. Include Your Keyword in a Natural Way

As you should know, your blog titles should have a keyword that your audience is searching for.  While it is good practice to include the keyword in your blog titles, make sure that you are also including it in a natural way and not just stuffing it in the middle of a jumbled title.  Not naturally including the keyword makes your title far from catchy, and it can turn readers away from your blog.

4. Communicate a Benefit

Your blog title should communicate something of value that a viewer will get from reading it.  For example, you can communicate how to solve a problem, you can communicate a new skill within the industry, or even persuade your reader to do something.  Whatever the case may be, make sure that you give your readers a reason to view your blog without overpromising too much.

5. Speak to Your Audience

Use words and language that are specific to your buyer personas that you are trying to reach. There is no sense in creating blog titles that nobody in your audience will click because you use language in the title that isn’t specific to their industry.

As it was mentioned above, creating catchy blog titles is an important aspect to getting readers to view your blog, so make sure that you don’t neglect it.

Do you have other methods you use to create catchy blog titles?

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