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Lead Nurturing Strategies to Keep Senior Living Prospects Engaged

Lead Nurturing Strategies to Keep Senior Living Prospects Engaged

November 22, 2019

By Holly Koch

Most of the time when people are searching for senior living online, they have just begun their journey to find the right community for themselves or a loved one—this means nurturing these leads is critical in order to move them down the funnel.

If you are responsible for marketing a senior living community (or communities), here are four scenarios in which lead nurturing will work wonders.

1. The Prospect Downloaded Content

The obvious goal for senior living marketing is to turn leads into move-ins, but as I mentioned above, if a prospect is searching for communities online and just downloading content, they most likely are not ready to be handed off to sales. This is where marketing comes in to ensure that these leads are being slowly nurtured.

I recommend creating a five-part lead nurture workflow for every piece of content that you have and spreading it out so that leads are being nurtured for a total of 12 weeks. It typically takes six months for a prospect to turn into a move-in, so make sure these leads are consistently being touched by marketing until they become sales-qualified leads.

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2. The Prospect Viewed a Community Page

Let’s say a prospect downloaded a piece of content and then viewed one of your community pages but didn’t request more information or fill out a form on the page. Thanks to the “cookie gods,” you should easily be able to know this information. With this info, create a lead nurture workflow that is still top of the funnel but geared toward the community’s region/location.

You could even set up a filter so that only people who have viewed a specific community page multiple times are enrolled into the workflow. This workflow should be geared for them to request more information about the community either via phone or by filling out a form specific to the community.

3. The Prospect Viewed More than Five Pages

Five is an arbitrary number and should be adjusted to fit your unique data, but this is a good approach that is often overlooked in typical lead nurturing strategies. If a prospect is active on your site and viewing multiple pages, that is a good indicator that they are most likely middle of the funnel and want to hear from you!

Create a lead nurture that is geared toward pushing them to either request a tour or talk to one of your senior care counselors. If they haven’t selected a community that they are interested in, this would be a good time for someone from the sales team to get in touch with them and learn more about them in order to help move them down the funnel.

4. The Prospect Hasn’t Been Active in 90 Days

How many leads do you have in your database that aren’t being actively touched?

I bet the number would surprise you.

Remember, your own contact database is the easiest to turn into move-ins, so capitalize on whom you’ve already brought into your database and nurture those contacts until you are 100 percent sure that they are either not interested or cannot become a resident for some other reason. Implement re-engagement workflows that are triggered after a contact is inactive for a certain number of days. This will make sure that your entire lead database is being worked until they can’t be worked anymore!

These lead nurture strategies should greatly improve your senior living marketing strategy and hopefully help increase the amount of move-ins generated from marketing. Senior citizens are using the internet more and more every day, so be persistent and thoughtful in your outreach and watch those leads pour down the funnel.  


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