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Post-Pandemic Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract and Engage Leads

April 8, 2022

By Megan Golden

If healthcare marketing wasn’t complicated before the pandemic, it certainly is now. And it’s no surprise, as the healthcare industry is rapidly changing to keep up with the new demands of COVID-19.For example, telehealth used to be a less common option before the pandemic, but its use is now booming, and that growth will likely continue.

So it only makes sense that our healthcare marketing strategies also have to change to meet these new demands and attract and engage leads in the post-pandemic world.

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Whether you’re in the B2B or the B2C space (and yes, even you B2B2C businesses), here are five healthcare marketing strategies you need to consider:

1. Cohesive Branding 

As you continue to use new telehealth apps, digital forms, digital waiting rooms, and digital EVERYTHING in the post-pandemic world, how has your brand adjusted?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare organizations had to act fast to meet the changing needs of their customers. But as things start to slow down and processes are established, it’s time to look at the digital pieces you rolled out and make sure your branding is cohesive, recognizable, and—most importantly—present.

Ensuring your branding is present on all the digital tools you use will engage your existing leads and attract new ones as your brand becomes more recognizable.

2. Video Marketing 

The beautiful thing about video marketing is that it can be used and reused in many places, especially in the post-pandemic digital world. Add a video to your website to explain how your product works or share a patient story to engage leads in a more personal way.

You can then use that same video on your social media channels to attract new leads. Plus, video can boost SEO, helping you attract new leads who are searching for you already.

3. A Modern Website 

An easy-to-navigate website was important before the pandemic, but it’s perhaps even more important now. Is your website up to date with today’s trends? Is it mobile friendly? How is the site speed? Is it clear where someone should go once they land on your site? Is what you do easy to understand? Are the next steps easy to find?

In healthcare marketing, it’s crucial to engage your target persona in website testing and determine whether your website answers their questions or solves their problems. If not, the leads you do attract will click off your site and move to the next option.

4. Reviews 

Online reviews are the new word of mouth in a post-pandemic world. In healthcare specifically, positive reviews are absolute gold. Not only do positive reviews help attract new leads, but they also engage your existing leads. You can share these reviews on your website using a link to an outside source or quotes from your patients or customers. People want to know what real people think about your offerings.

Once you gather a few stellar reviews, be sure to engage with the reviewers and ask if you can interview them for a customer success story or case study. Then, you can feature that story on your blog, your social media channels, and even in your next video.

5. Content, Content, Content

The pandemic confirmed the power of content in healthcare marketing. People are spending more time online researching, weighing their options, and looking for new solutions.

The content on your website should meet the needs of these well-informed buyers. Don’t be afraid to write about specific topics. Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space, the problems you aim to solve are personal and important to those seeking answers. The more content you offer, the more engaged your audience will be. Show them you’re the expert!

Remember, just like before COVID-19, post-pandemic healthcare marketing strategies will only continue to change, so healthcare organizations must modernize. Reevaluate your marketing strategy regularly and track what is (or isn’t) working for your target audience. 


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