By Danielle Langenderfer

Each quarter, Marketo rolls out a release including product enhancements, additional features, bug fixes, and more. So what did the Q1 release include, and how can it help Marketo users?

Here is a summary of optimizations and key problems solved with the release.

Marketo Q1 Releases: Overview

Updates included as part of the Q1 release:

  • Next-Generation User Experience
    • Support for Workspaces
  • Multi-Channel Personalization
    • Adobe Experience Cloud Audience Sync Phase 3
    • Continuous Audience Sync to Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn
    • Tokens for Program Member Custom Fields
  • Landing Pages and Forms
    • Form API
    • Landing Pages API
  • Email Marketing
    • Custom Objects Retrieval Limits Increased
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
    • Salesforce CRM Authentication
    • Salesforce CRM Syncing Dashboard
  • Administration
    • Updated My Account Page

While you can read more about each of these updates in Marketo’s release notes, let’s dive deeper into the items that will help you solve some of the biggest problems you may be experiencing with Marketo today.

Next-Generation User Experience

Although the most recent Marketo user interface (UI) updates started rolling out at the end of 2020, all users saw the updates in early 2021. As part of the Q1 release, Marketo updated a feature to support their new UI. If you have workspaces in your account, this update will apply to you.

The recent release includes a feature that will allow you more capabilities when it comes to sharing assets between workspaces. You can more easily do this by sharing folders across workspaces. The benefits of this include:

  • Allowing users to view and clone shared assets
  • Clarity about which asset is the original/editable asset and which assets are the shared assets through the use of new icons
    • ⬆️ indicates the original folder
    • 🔒 indicates the shared folder
  • Shared assets now appear in global search

Multi-Channel Personalization

Although the “Adobe Experience Cloud Audience Sync Phase 3” and “Continuous Audience Sync to Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn” releases are two different updates, they both are solving a similar issue. These updates allow you to maintain up-to-date audiences (lists or segmentations) in both Marketo and the integrated platform. Here is a bit more on each:

Adobe Experience Cloud Audience Sync Phase 3

This capability now supports continuous, bidirectional B2B audience sync from Marketo Engage to other Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) applications. As leads are added and removed to your audience segments, Marketo Engage will automatically sync the updated audience across your connected apps. This will allow you to take advantage of Adobe’s features across your AEC tech stack, including:

  • Multi-channel orchestration
  • Re-targeting
  • Audience suppression
  • Personalization
  • Reporting use cases

Continuous Audience Sync to Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

This feature allows you to automate the sync with an ad network to a static list. With this, you can update the ad network list membership without manual user intervention.

Landing Pages and Forms

Do you utilize Marketo landing pages? Let’s take it another step further: Do you utilize landing pages and another tool to include translated or personalized content within your landing pages?

The Landing Page API update will simplify your Marketo landing page creation process. Through this API update, third-party vendors can now render fully personalized previews of landing pages without logging into Marketo Engage.

Additional Q1 Releases and Updates for Sales

Do you utilize either the Sales Insight or Sales Connect add-ons? Here are additional releases that are taking place throughout the first quarter that you may want to be aware of, even if you aren’t currently utilizing the tools.

Sales Insight

  • Enhanced Test Email Workflows (Salesforce CRM)
  • Insights into Email Status (Salesforce CRM)
  • Send Bulk Emails from Account and Opportunity Panels (Salesforce CRM)
  • Sales Insight for Non-Native Salesforce CRM Integrations
  • Best Bets Enhancements

All of these updates are meant to create efficiencies and improve processes for your sellers. Your sales users can now send tests of Marketo emails before sending them to bulk audiences, understand if an email is invalid or unsubscribed before sending, and much more.

Sales Connect

  • Email Connection Throttling (BETA)
  • Email Connection Bounce Tracking
  • Profile Page Configuration
  • Templates Management
  • Sales Connect User Experience Updates

Similar to the Sales Insight updates, these optimizations are meant to support your sales team. Updates were made to simplify editing emails, improve deliverability, and enhance reporting on bounces, and more.

If you utilize either of these sales tools or are interested in adding these on to your Marketo account, make sure to check out the release notes to learn more about the new capabilities.

Marketo Q2 Releases

The next release should take place on May 7, 2021. View the full release calendar to understand when updates will take place throughout the year. Although we do not know exactly what Marketo plans to release in Q2 or throughout 2021, it is important to look out for future optimizations. Being aware of updates like these can ensure you are making the most of your Marketo platform.

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