By Caroline Graham

Masterful marketers know they need to close every possible gap in attribution reporting. That’s why the Marketo and Bizible Integration has become a reporting lifesaver in recent years. With this integration, you can pull in more info about your leads’ behaviors, craft more targeted campaigns, seal off any gaps that linger in your reporting, and drive more conversions.

Still, it’s not always easy to know how this handy integration works. Here’s all you need to know about the Marketo and Bizible Integration, including how to use it to drive more leads to your site.

Why Marketo Engage & Bizible Integration Is Important for Your Marketers

The Marketo and Bizible Integration is designed to unveil those touchpoints that influence your lead’s decisions. With the integration, you can track lead touchpoints, programs, and the activities that people engage in. Here are some advantages of capturing those in-depth touchpoints through this integration:

Carry Over Marketo Leads

Have Marketo leads that you want to report on through Bizible? The Bizible integration with Marketo lets you transfer your Marketo leads directly into Bizible. Just create a Bizible Person, and you can tie any touchpoint you want to that contact. That way you map out more thorough closed-loop reporting without pushing leads through your CRM. 

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Get More Out of Programs

With the Bizible integration, you can compare your Marketo channel to all of those other channels that are living in your Bizible program. That way you can analyze channel performance, uncover ROI, adjust for more thorough marketing, and secure more buy-in from key stakeholders.

Track Behaviors

By integrating Bizible with Marketo, you can track a lead’s activities across the Buyer’s Journey and use that info to fuel your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts. For instance, with the integration, you can track who attends a webinar or reads an email—critical information if you want to nurture leads effectively.

Of course, you can also track these activities by syncing your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to your Marketo Programs, but the Bizible integration takes multi-touch attribution reporting capabilities to the next level. That’s because you can build out touchpoints for custom activities and broaden your reporting reach even further. 

What You Need to Integrate Bizible with Marketo Engage Programs 

Ready to get started? You’ll want to make sure you’ve checked off a few requirements first. Here’s what you need to integrate Bizible with Marketo Engage Programs:

  • Either your Production Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics instance
  • Your Production Marketo instance
  • Any of your paid Bizible subscriptions

You’ll also need to have your Marketo People Sync and Marketo Programs enabled. You can enable these features within your Bizible Settings page.

How to Set Up Your Bizible Integration with Marketo Engage Program

Once you’ve nailed down the essentials, you should be ready to set up your Bizible integration with Marketo Engage Program. Here are a few broad steps to follow:

1. Set Up Your Rules on Marketo Programs

You can start by configuring rules on your Marketo Programs. To do this, go to the Programs page, which is located within your account settings, and click the + button. 

2. Add a New Statement

Within the same box, you can add a new statement. From there, you can click the + button located outside the box, or you can create an “and” criteria in the rule. 

3. Map Your Touchpoints

Finally, you’ll need to determine what date or date/time field you’ll want to map to your Touchpoint Date. You can also see, pick, and choose Marketo values by entering the “{“ symbol.

Integrating Bizible with Marketo vs. Salesforce 

You may have also realized that it’s possible to integrate Bizible with Salesforce. So, how do you know whether you should integrate with Marketo or Salesforce? Essentially, it all comes down to where your new leads live. After all, it’s critical that none of your leads fall through the cracks as they move from one program to the next. 

If you’re only tracking leads through Salesforce, it’s probably best to integrate Bizible with Salesforce. However, if you have leads housed in Marketo, linking up with Salesforce could cause you to lose track of leads. 

Pin Down Your Marketing Attribution Reporting Readiness

If you want to increase lead capturing and drive conversions higher, it takes rock-solid marketing attribution reporting. But first, it takes a deep dive into your marketing team’s current reporting readiness. 

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