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video in hubspot sequences

3 Ways to Leverage Video in HubSpot Sequences

December 28, 2020

By Shannon Delmarle

If you are a power user of HubSpot and in a sales/business development role, then you’ve most likely heard of, or perhaps even used the tool Sequences. Being able to automatically push one-to-one messaging to a prospect based on the most effective and most used copy can be incredibly effective in your sales process. Now, simply add video to your sequencing, and you’ve just created a recipe for awesomeness. 

It’s no wonder that adding video makes for truly remarkable marketing because, as humans, we process visuals better than plain text. Jerome Bruner, an American psychologist, focused his studies on perception, learning, and memory. What he found is that people only remember 10 percent of things they hear and 20 percent of what they have read, but around 80 percent of people remember things they see or do. If that discovery holds true, then the idea of adding visualization should be applied across all facets of the sales cycle.

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Sales might have to nurture fewer contacts than marketing, but at the end of the day, there is more risk in losing a prospect because it’s a smaller pool of targets that need to be closed. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

To find out how to turn your sequences from basic to remarkable by leveraging video, read on.

Engage with a Prospect While Standing Out from the Crowd

Using sequences to evoke a prospect to respond is a very common method. You know that it will take several touchpoints to nurture this prospect—along with dozens of others at the same time—so finding an easy way to reach out and tracking their engagement with each message will be important intel. 

With this method, simply adding an introduction to who you are and a friendly message of, “If you have any questions or want to connect directly,” is going to humanize and personalize this approach. It will also keep your email from getting lost in the hundreds of emails your prospect is most likely getting. It also differentiates you from the competition. Adding a face to the name or the company can help increase your prospecting 

SmartBug Media® Junior Sales Executive Ashley Lesperance had this to say about video and sequences: “I decided to use video in sequences as a way to set myself apart and break through the other noise. My personal experience during this pandemic has been that folks either a) do not answer their phones at all or b) are far less receptive to receiving a cold call when they do choose to pick up their phone. I know from the HubSpot research that marketing emails have skyrocketed over the past year. but sales open-email rates have declined. With that in mind, I chose video as a way to set myself apart and break through that noise. Plus, it’s a great way to put a face to my name and also show that I’m a human behind my email signature.”

Nurture Prospects over the Long Term

In cases where the sales process takes weeks or even months to close a prospect into a customer, you’ll most likely be staying in contact with those top-tier prospects during that time period. Nurturing them using helpful content is an excellent method to build trust. Inserting a message here and there with video—which can be built right within Sequences—helps mix up the mundane copy messaging that prospects receive, thus making the experience more memorable. 

Lesperance explains, “In sequences, I use video with my tier 1 leads, meaning the cream of the crop. And I use video as my third or fourth touch. I do it via Vidyard and I approach the email very simply so as to try and elicit an open to the video itself. My email subject line is typically ‘Ashley | Quick Video 📹.’”

Follow Up with a Customer Who Is Close to Their Renewal Date

Sequences doesn’t have to be for just prospecting. It can also be used to help delight your current customer base, especially those who are near a renewal date. Imagine automating nurturing touchpoints to your customers based on their renewal date with thoughtful and meaningful content meant to drive their decision to renew. Whether you are trying to promote a new service line and upsell or talk about upgrades to their current contract, this can be done with a personal video from a customer service representative. By adding video to this process, you will have made a more personal connection with your customers who may feel like after being “sold” they won’t get the great customer service experience. 

Depending on your sales process, there are a lot of unique ways that you can add video to Sequences. You can then begin to track and measure which videos were successful and which videos did not help, especially when pairing with Vidyard. If you haven’t added video yet to your HubSpot tool, you will be asked to authorize Vidyard’s GoVideo app in order to set up your personal account. Then simply confirm your account by checking your email for verification. Check here to get full setup instructions. 

Video can help enhance any part of your marketing or sales process. So what’s stopping you from getting started? If you have the tools at your fingertips then go ahead, put that nice shirt on, run a comb through your hair, and hit that record button. 


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