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HubSpot and Salesforce Updates

HubSpot and Salesforce Updates: Why Both Marketers and Sales Should Care

September 14, 2015

By Matt Farber

HubSpot and Salesforce, or maybe we could just say marketing and sales...  

Two systems and roles that can be great on their own, but even better when they become best of friends. Smartketing, as HubSpot like to refer to it is the alignment of sales and marketing to have a common goal in mind when it comes to lead generation. Sales wants leads who are ready to buy and marketing is working to get as many sales qualied leads (SQLs) into the hands of their sales team. Once the two teams are aligned and working together wouldn't it be great if each of their systems aligned on the same level?  Well they do, and there are some new products updates with the Salesforce and HubSpot integration all sales and marketers should be aware of.

A little background on Salesforce, it's a customer relationship management (CRM) product that allows sales teams to track leads, opportunities, deals, customers, etc... Salesforce is a great tool for companies with many contacts to keep track of contact information, previous conversations, how a sales rep met them, and most importantly how close they are to buying. As technology continues to evolve and integrations between software systems are more common it's becoming easier to see which leads are more qualified than others. HubSpot just announced two new updates to the integration that both marketing and sales should love.

More Granular Control Over Salesforce Activity Syncing

It's safe to say there has been activity tracked in HubSpot that a sales rep would love to see in Salesforce, well now you're able to pick and choose which activities get pushed into the CRM.  Here are the key highlights called-out by HubSpot:

  • Granularly set which activities in HubSpot CRM or Sidekick for Business are synced to Salesforce
    • Calls
    • Emails
    • Meetings
    • Document activity
    • And more
  • Select which Salesforce Activity Type your activities are set as
  • Select whether or not Salesforce created tasks can sync back to HubSpot

This is a great way to keep unwanted information from being pushed into the CRM and only allowing the important and more qualified information be fed into the system.

Documents Views Now Sync to Salesforce

This update is pretty neat, it's common for reps to send leads documents to view, right? Maybe pricing sheets or case studies would be common to send to them.  Well now you're able to track those interactions in the prospects' activity history in Salesforce.  And beyond that you're able to see how long they viewed the document for. This can be a game changer, knowing if someone opened and read a document for 3 seconds or 10 minutes immediately qualifies the 10 min lead moreso the the 3 second lead which tells the rep who to call first.

Those are some quick updates, the more integrated the systems are and the more alignment between sales and marketing will result in not only more lead, MQLs, and SQLs in the funnel but a happier team all around.

How aligned is your sales and marketing team?


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