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How to Write Blog Content for Your Buyer Personas

December 13, 2014

By Tony Adragna


Too often, companies create buyer personas, but are not sure how to write blog content that caters to them. While there are several aspects to consider when writing to your buyer personas, there are some key points you should make sure to focus on.

Write Blog Posts to Specific Personas

Each blog post you write does not have to cater to each persona that your business has.  That is the purpose of having buyer personas, so that you can cater individual content to each of them.  If one of your personas is a small-business owner, while the other is a secretary for a medium-sized business, your content will vary when writing to each persona.  There may be times when a blog post caters to all of your personas, but you don’t have to make that your goal.

When you write a post specific personas, you’re able to:

  • Directly speak to your targeted audience

  • Be more granular in what you’re writing about

  • Solve specific problems the personas have

Choose a Title with a Long-Tail Keyword That Fits Your Persona

When you are writing to your personas, you want to make sure that you choose a title with a long-tail keyword that fits the persona(s) you are writing to.  Identify questions your persona may want answered, or problems they may want solved, and choose a compelling title with a long-tail keyword to focus on.

If you pick a generic title, or a title that doesn’t fit your persona you want to target, your entire blog post may be a waste of time.  It’s very important to do research to identify what your title may be, and the long-tail keyword you’re choosing to focus on that fits your persona.

Learn more about how to research keywords relevant to your industry in How to Use Google Adwords Tools to Research Content Marketing Keywords.

Write Content That Fits Your Persona

This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s a very important one.  Make sure to look over your buyer personas and make sure your blog idea fits the targeted persona(s). It would not make much sense for a company that sells software to blog about concussions in football.  The content may be great, but it won’t attract the proper audience.

Don’t blog about what interests you; blog about what interests your personas.  If you are getting a lot of traffic to your blog, but not many clicks on your calls-to-action, evaluate your content and make sure that you are writing content that fits your personas you are trying to reach.  

Cater Your Language to Your Personas

This isn’t talking about English or Spanish, rather, it’s talking about words you use.  Depending on your persona, you may:

  • Use more informal language

  • Keep the language completely professional and direct

  • Use industry-specific terms

It all depends solely on the personas you are writing to.  You should know if the personas use industry-specific terms or if they prefer more informal language.  It may seem like it’s nit-picking, but if you don’t use the right language in your blog posts, you can turn off specific personas, and in turn, turn off potential clients.

It’s important to note that writing blog content for buyers personas can get tricky, but by following the steps listed above, you can be on your way to creating great content for your personas!

What are the challenges your company has when you’re writing blog content for your buyer personas?

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