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How Does Smart Content on the HubSpot COS Better Target Leads?

August 14, 2015

By Matt Farber


What if every person that visited a website saw the message they wanted to hear? It’s likely that there are multiple reasons for someone to visit a website. Wouldn’t it be great to tailor content of the website to address the reasons the visitor is coming to that site? That’s exactly what smart content with the HubSpot COS is capable of doing. What it really comes down to is targeting leads, someone is more likely to convert into a lead if the content matches their pain points.

A Smart Content Example

Let’s talk shoes, who doesn’t love talking about shoes? For arguments sake, let’s say I’m the owner of a shoe company called Matt’s Magnificent Shoes. We specialize in a variety of products ranging from sandals, dress shoes, dress boots, and desert boots. Each style has a place on the website talking about the fantastic features of each shoe. But what about the homepage? There’s only so much room and I can’t find a way to feature all of them. HubSpot smart content gives me the power to build a homepage that could be different for returning visitors.

Depending on what content has already been consumed on the site, I may know if a visitor has previously viewed a certain style. Visitor X came to my website and looked specifically at desert boots, almost all our desert boots were looked at by Visitor X. Smart content would allow me to showcase desert boots on my homepage for Visitor X. This could be done for every different style of shoe. It simply looks at the history of content viewed and offers up similar content.

How This Affects Leads

As you can imagine, this could be a fairly effective tool when it comes to lead generation. Depending on how big a product line is, serving up relevant content to targeted leads is the right method to driving leads through the funnel. See this screenshot via HubSpot showing how it could work.

It should be heavily debated that smart content with the HubSpot COS gives marketers a huge advantage who are working in demand generation. It gives users the power to change the messaging on their website for the different personas a company is targeting. Could you imagine the possibilities if a company had 5+ products solving different pain points. There’s no way a company could speak to all of them on one page. That’s when the HubSpot COS is at it’s best.

Are you struggling to present different messages on your companies homepage?

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