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How an Inbound Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Productivity

October 27, 2014

By Matt Farber


Does putting in extra hours make you more productive as a marketer? That’s not typically the case. Putting in more hours could actually make you less productive, as your brain begins to wander away from the task at hand.

You’re trying to become a more productive marketer, but there are some good-sized obstacles in the way, preventing you from becoming the most productive you can be. Hiring an inbound marketing agency can yield many benefits, including increased website traffic and lead count, but one key element that an inbound marketing agency can do for you is improve your productivity. Here's how: 

Taking on Laborious, Time-Consuming Tasks

The thing most busy employees around the globe wish for: more time! If there was more time in the day, we could all do our jobs better, create better reports, and impress our bosses with our efforts—but how do we get there? Offloading some of your daily tasks to an inbound marketing agency can free up time!

How? Agencies carry the weight of inbound marketing. Time-consuming tasks, such as blogging, will move off your plate and onto your agency's. Then, you can spend time approving content rather than writing it, sourcing it, and project managing the entire thing.

Other time-consuming tasks that inbound marketing agencies typically take on include:

  • Writing and sending promotional emails to the correct leads
  • Segmenting your leads database
  • Creating and publishing an entire social media schedule
  • Designing calls-to-action and landing page templates
  • Web development and design best practices and implementation

And the list goes on ... just think of the time you'll save. Now you can do most of your work in the strategic, reporting mindset rather than being in a content creation and button-pushing auto-pilot mode.

On top of your time being freed up to analyze your marketing efforts, an inbound agency can also develop reports on how their efforts are performing. Analyzing the reports together will give you significant insight into how you should market moving forward. It will streamline the process of putting together a plan and simplify the process of producing the plan.

Organizing Marketing Priorities via Project Management

Every good marketing agency has a project management system, and most agencies have become experts in project management. They've built out campaigns many times and know what to expect with every deliverable. What this does for your productivity is that it gives you visibility into what to expect and when in order to prioritize your to-do list. So, if the agency is working on developing a guide, e-book, or white paper for your company, you can prepare for the launch on your end. You’ll know when the content is scheduled to be finished being written, designed, and posted to your website.

Working as an Extension of Your Team

One key takeaway from hiring and inbound marketing agency is that they'll become an extension of your team. The great thing is that they can take on all of the tasks you prefer to not tackle. You’ll be signing off on all projects and all content. What this means from a productivity standpoint is that you'll have the time to step back and look at the bigger picture to ask yourself some important questions. What are the goals for the quarter, year, and three years from now? How can you leverage the agency to reach those goals?

When push comes to shove, hiring an inbound marketing agency is going free up your time and allow you to be more productive on your tasks. You’ll be less of a worker bee and more of key stakeholder in marketing analytics and performance.

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