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Eldercare Education: Why Seminars and Events Are Important for Building a Successful Community

February 27, 2019

By Sofia Pompeo

You may not think marketing is involved with eldercare education, but it is. Two marketing tactics—seminars and events—are key in the eldercare market. Eldercare education is its own little niche. Not everyone is an expert on how to care for elders or what next steps should be, and that’s where education comes in. It’s important for any senior living community to stand out and share their expertise on eldercare. This blog focuses on how hosting seminars and events can build a successful senior community.


If you were searching for a senior community for yourself or your loved one, would you want a place that you had never heard of, that didn’t share knowledge with others, or would you prefer one that was well-known, involved in the community as a whole, and shares its knowledge?

If a senior community is hosting seminars, that’s a sign that they want to help others who are seeking answers. For example, a community could host a seminar on what signs you should look for to see if you or your loved one need to move into a senior community. There is so much eldercare information out there that families are looking for.

Hosting a seminar is a huge opportunity for a senior community. It’s a time for them to showcase the knowledge they have on certain topics, which in turn can make them more trustworthy to others.

Seminars are also a good way to interact with others, and a successful community is one that’s able to do that. The more information a community can provide to others, the better. It can make people feel more secure in their decisions about choosing a certain senior living community.

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Another way communities can gain brand awareness and show others what they can provide is by hosting events. Anything from a meet-and-greet event and happy hour to educational events about dementia and assisted living, is a great way for the community to get the word out about who they are, what they can provide, or just general eldercare information for the public.

To build a successful community, a beneficial idea would be to partner with other local businesses to get more involved and become noticed. Sponsoring events in the local area is another great way to build awareness. It shows others that your community is involved and cares about certain issues or topics.

If you are sponsoring an event or simply hosting an event, it’s important to showcase them on your website. This will allow local adult children to find your event and RSVP so they can be able to attend. Another thing your community can do is write a blog post after the event to discuss how it went, how nice it was, what people found to be beneficial, and so on. This is a nice way to tie the event together.

Eldercare education is important because influencers (parents, responsible parties, families, etc.) need to be well educated before they make a decision. If a community is building brand awareness by hosting seminars or events, it’s more likely to be successful.

How will people know about your company or want to learn more about it if you aren’t putting your company out there? People want a trusted and well-known community when they need to make a care decision for themselves or someone they know. Communities should never forget that others need education in order to make informed decisions. Two marketing tactics that communities should look to are seminars and events.


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