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Your Post-Launch Website Checklist

Here’s what you should be doing after launching your webpage and some additional services that we can provide.

New website design for Innervate

Our Recommended Timeline

Every business’s website is different, but generally speaking, they all follow a similar post-launch timeline. This decisive timeline is typically measured in 30-day increments, each with its own objectives and milestones to stay on track for optimal website performance.

The following trajectory examples outline the progression of a website project’s primary goals within the first 90 days.

30 Days Post-Launch

  • The internal team is trained on updating the website and performing the necessary tasks within the content management system (CMS).
  • Analytics are accurate, and reports are validated to ensure metrics are showing up correctly in dashboards.
  • Customer success and support tools are integrated with the new website, and live chat functionality is available.
  • The first campaign or announcement of new features has been launched.
  • Ensure inbound call tracking is configured and is reporting accurately in your CRM.

60 Days Post-Launch

  • Compare pre-launch and post-launch benchmarks to understand how the new website has impacted traffic and lead generation metrics.
  • Implement lead nurturing strategies using email marketing, SMS, and retargeting ads.
  • Begin lead scoring based on interaction with the website and content.
  • Smart content has been implemented, and other third-party systems have been integrated into the website’s functionality.
  • A/B testing on website content like buttons and CTAs has begun.
  • Implement user flow tracking with HubSpot’s Customer Journey Analytics or Google Analytics to understand where visitors are abandoning the sales process.

90 Days Post-Launch

  • Establish a continuous improvement plan for the website, incorporating regular updates, feedback, and innovation cycles.
  • Customer surveys are up and live within the CRM, and the survey system is functioning optimally.
  • Create and update sales enablement collateral and sequences based on new website feedback.
  • Explore and implement integrations between HubSpot and other tools used in your tech stack using Ops Hub.

Need a Reliable Partner to Guide You?

Below are a few ways we can accelerate your progress after your new site launch.

Post-Launch Services

Web Maintenance Retainer

Maintain and improve both the quality and performance of your SmartBug-built website.

  • Works by scaling costs, resources, and priorities through dedicated project management and objective planning
  • Includes general web maintenance, recommended improvements, and ad hoc bug fixes
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Digital Strategy Retainer

Beyond just maintaining your website, our Digital Strategy Retainer propels your business forward. Leveraging our full-service capabilities, we offer integrated solutions in marketing, sales, customer success, integrations and more.

  • Leverages data-driven insights to analyze performance, actively adapting to changing market trends and optimizing brand elements
  • Includes consistent content creation, cost-effective support, plus SEO and security maintenance
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Additional One-Off Projects

Address your unique business challenges and opportunities with bespoke solutions to meet your exact needs, whether that involves a targeted marketing initiative, a specific development project, or a comprehensive sales strategy.

  • Assesses your project goals and the specific challenges you face and creates a strategy for execution
  • Includes project launch, implementation, and follow-up
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Contact Your PM

SmartBug’s team welcomes virtually any project pitch or idea—we’d love to hear about the initiatives you have in mind for your business!

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Post-Launch Services

Web Maintenance Retainer

Our post-launch Web Maintenance Retainer provides tiered support, ranging from basic bug fixes and ad hoc requests to comprehensive solutions, including phase 2 developments, page speed optimization, and accessibility improvements.

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Maintaining Reliable Web Performance

This retainer includes a Web or Inbound Project Manager, CS Developer, and QA Specialist committed to ensuring the quality and security of your website.
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Offering Tiered Price Options

Pricing starts at $2,250 per month and scales based on the amount of support your team needs.
Post-Launch Services

Digital Strategy Retainer

Our post-launch Digital Strategy Retainer takes web maintenance and campaign optimization to a whole new level with even more advanced service offerings.

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Prioritizing Progress and Business Growth

Our digital strategy retainer includes a wide array of offerings designed to meet your business objectives. Our skilled team is adept in marketing, sales, customer success, development, and integrations. Our experts not only assist in crafting a strategic plan but also partner with you in its execution, ensuring your goals are effectively met.
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Driving Strategic Growth and Goal Achievement

Starting at $9,000 per month, this retainer provides a dedicated Strategist and Specialist as your day-to-day contacts. They are backed by a Director and a comprehensive team including developers, designers, writers, QA professionals, and UX experts, all committed to achieving your strategic objectives.
Post-Launch Services

Additional One-Off Projects

Our post-launch One-Off Project deliverable categories vary widely so we can meet the dynamic needs of our diverse client base.

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Producing Diverse Deliverables to Meet Unique Needs

Whether you’re looking for a hand with the next phase of your website, a HubSpot implementation, a software integration, or you just need a bucket of hours to launch a campaign, we’re here for you.
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Presenting Our Findings and Making Recommendations

One-Off Projects are staffed based on your needs. For website projects, your Web Project Manager will continue to support you. If you need an integration or HubSpot implementation, then our technical services team will lead your project. Pricing estimates will be provided after the project is scoped out.

Contact Your Project Manager

SmartBug can help you figure out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, work with you to develop a plan for success, plus so much more. Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll get you there.