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Why do I need ratings & reviews?

It can be challenging to curate user-generated content that organically adds credibility to your brand. Ratings and review tools make this easier. Develop social proof and build shopper trust and excitement through onsite product reviews, photos, videos, and customer Q&A that showcase customer experiences and compel buying actions.

Why do I need Okendo?

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Leading Rating & Reviews Platform

Okendo is the leading Shopify Certified Ratings & Reviews platform, working with over 5,000 of the fastest-growing DTC brands. Their platform enables brands to capture and showcase customer-generated content, including product ratings & reviews, photos & videos, and Q&A.

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Generate More Higher-Quality Reviews

Collect better customer content faster with a reimagined suite of features built to accelerate review and UGC generation by as much as 40%.

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Extend The Value Of Your Customer

Seamlessly leverage customer content in existing marketing strategies and channels like Google, email, and social media. Plus, dynamic retargeting and lookalike audience tools enable you to find shoppers similar to your most profitable customers.

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Powerful Integrations

Enhance emails with social proof, build advanced flows, and deliver more personalized messaging when you integrate Okendo with Klaviyo. Plus, Okendo was built exclusively for Shopify, so you know it will work with your storefront.

Okendo + SmartBug

Why SmartBug + Okendo?

Partnering with Okendo and SmartBug Media® is the answer for growing shopper trust and excitement around your business. Our expertise in the Okendo platform allows us to set up your account with delightful rating and review experiences. We then can work together on a strategy that leverages that content to promote it to your next customer through the web or email experiences. Plus, our expertise in inbound marketing aids in understanding what your shoppers care most about and using that to build trust around your brand.

We understand what makes your customers tick.

Understanding how customers think and building their trust is essential to the growth of any business. As inbound marketing experts, we understand the psychology behind your customer's decisions and how to implement user-generated touchpoints and social proof experiences that drive brand trust and, ultimately, more conversions.

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Ready to take your ratings & reviews to the next level?

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