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Why do I need inbound lead conversion?

An inbound lead conversion and scheduling app can automate and optimize the process of responding to leads, qualifying them, and scheduling meetings. This can save time and resources, increase efficiency, and help to convert more leads into paying customers—which, in turn, can help to reduce marketing costs and increase profitability.

Plus, an inbound lead conversion and scheduling app can provide valuable insights into and analytics about the lead conversion process. This can help your company identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales and marketing efforts.


Why Do I Need Chili Piper?

Chili Piper is the leading inbound conversion software, fueling today’s high-growth B2B revenue teams. With instant speed-to-lead, routing, booking, and handoff capabilities, it enables a fast and efficient handoff from marketing to sales. Teams convert more inbound leads while spending less on marketing with Chili Piper. Companies like Intuit, Airbnb, Spotify, and Gong use Chili Piper to double their inbound conversion rates and maximize revenue. Read reviews on G2 >

Key Points

  • Automate lead qualification and scheduling: Stop losing high-intent leads because of slow sales response times. Chili Piper’s automated lead qualification and scheduling system streamlines the process, instantly fast-tracking leads to sales opportunities. Experience a 2X increase in inbound conversion rates and convert more leads into paying customers.
  • Streamline your lead pipeline: Automate the handoff between revenue teams (e.g., SDR>AE and AE>CSM). Instead of using spreadsheets to track who the lead should get routed to, you can use smart routing logic to see who should get that lead and book a meeting on behalf of your teammate.
  • Never lose track of the details: Create routing rules based on how you structure your sales team. Auto-sync all meeting details, follow-ups, and records to your CRM instantly.

Why SmartBug + Chili Piper?

SmartBug Media and Chili Piper work together to help companies optimize their digital marketing efforts, streamline lead conversion, and increase conversion rates. SmartBug Media is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven marketing strategies, ensuring that a company's digital marketing efforts are optimized for maximum impact. Chili Piper is a leading inbound conversion software that automates lead routing, scheduling, and handoff, ensuring that leads are handled efficiently and effectively. By using both SmartBug Media and Chili Piper, companies get a comprehensive solution that maximizes their conversion rates and generates more revenue from their sales and marketing efforts.

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The Importance of the MQL-to-SQL Process

How does running in track and field related to the lead funnel process? Read our blog on “Handing Leads Off to Sales & the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) vs. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Difference” to see how. Plus, get insights into what to consider when creating an SLA between sales and marketing and some critical considerations when defining leads for your company.

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