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Why do I need a PRM?

Partner relationship management (PRM) tools improve efficiency, communication, and data-sharing. As your business and partner stack scales, it can be difficult to juggle relationships, programs, and a sustainable growth plan. A PRM, like Allbound, takes the hassle out of partner management so you can focus on the bottom line - helping your customers and leveraging your partner network.

Why do I need Allbound?

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Simplify Operations

Allbound simplifies operations for you and your partners. Allbound is an elegant solution that removes barriers and allows ideas to flourish.

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Helping Customers

We help our customers nurture, engage, and grow their channel while making those partners feel empowered and engaged. Allbound works relentlessly to shape—and lead—channel sales and marketing.

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Channel Analytics

Get insight into your partner success metrics. Analyze success for partner companies, individual partner users, content strategy, and MDF initiatives.

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Partner Engagement

Automate partner engagement with Partner Journey Automation. Set triggered notifications based on actions partners have or have not taken within the portal. For example, if a partner has not updated a deal in a predetermined amount of time, both the partner and manager will receive an alert.

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Why SmartBug + Allbound?

Leveraging both SmartBug Media and Allbound means you have a team of experts that will support your business marketing goals and elevate your partner relationships. As experts in the Allbound system, your team of SmartBugs will ensure your account is setup properly and connected with your existing partners and system for stress-free integration into your workflows

We are committed to partner management

As companies mature, the need for a developed partner program becomes increasingly important. So when you are considering either starting or growing your partner program, first check out our top 4 must-haves before doing so.

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