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Predictions for 2022 from INFUSEmedia - Demand Generation Experts, Hannah Shain

February 9, 2022

I’d love to meet one revenue marketing leader who is facing just ONE challenge going into 2022 … Jokes aside, my point is we have lots of top priorities for the new year. As we wrap up 2021, our top priority as a company is focused on recruiting. As with nearly all industries, we are feeling the pressures from the “”great resignation”” and as a marketing team have switched gears to help assist our People Ops and Recruiting Teams first and foremost, putting our sales team on cruise control. I’ve been asked to apply everything I know about inbound marketing and demand generation towards recruitment marketing. And guess what?! It’s working – we’re getting noticed, our competitors are peeping at our campaigns (we see you!) and our conversion rate (e.g. job applications) are rapidly increasing.

So for next year, one major challenge will be data management. What do we do with this email database after the majority of recruitment campaigns are completed? A lot of the target leads for recruiting do not overlap with who we would target for lead and pipeline generation. We’re working to try and solve for accurately segmenting and targeting our email base so that we know exactly who’s in our CRM for pipeline purposes and who’s in their for recruitment purposes.

And then from there, there will always be a bit of a need for consistent recruiting. So as we begin to bring back our inbound marketing efforts in Q1 – we will have to address capacity challenges around how to do it all.

About the author:

Hannah Shain is SmartBug’s VP, Marketing. She leads all things demand generation, brand, marketing automation and more. She is an energetic, ambitious, witty, and driven leader with over 12 years of professional experience in marketing. She leads all marketing initiatives driving pipeline, increasing lead velocity, and building a lovable brand. On any given day, Hannah will dip her toes in digital marketing; advertising; PR; creative; brand; content; customer advocacy programs; client relations; account-based campaigns; user conferences; community management; public relations; & market research. Hannah has a creative heart and a strategic mind.

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