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Damon Yerian

Chief Delivery Officer


Based in Springfield, MO, Damon brings more than 18 years of agency experience in creative development and team management. Originally from Chicago, the majority of Damon's career was spent in Houston on innovative B2B and B2C marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns. Damon and his husband, Alex, are the proud papas of a Yorkie-Chihuahua named Zimba.

Recent Articles by Damon

MarTech Blog #4_ How Interactive Content Can Help Generate Quality Leads

The 4 Interactive Content Types for Lead Generation

From quizzes to contests to assessments, interactive content is a two-way conversation that can vastly improve your lead score, help you identify a persona, qualify a prospect, and customize the buyer’s journey.

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Six Steps for Writing Web Copy in Modern Website Design

Six Steps for Writing Web Copy in Modern Website Design

Learn how to write strong web copy—how to prepare a copy deck, apply keyword research, and follow word count guidance, along with other best practices.

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Six individuals generating ideas together

6 Easy Ways to Come Up with Blog Topics

Learn six easy ways to come up with blog content that will help your company engage current readers, attract new ones, and bolster your brand.

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