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Our approach

Start with a clear brand strategy

Based on research, data, and vision, our trusted process begins with laying groundwork for your brand. Who you are, what your customers want, where you’ve come from, and where you want to go: This is the solid foundation from which you can build your brand and, ultimately, your business.

  • In-depth research We get to know your company by becoming part of your team.
  • Mission, vision, values Defining all three gets everyone in your company working toward the same goal.
  • Competitor analyses The key to setting your brand apart.
  • Persona creation Defining your audience allows us to develop branding that resonates with them.

Create a compelling logo and visual identity system

Backed by strategy and data, our experienced brand designers create a visual identity system that captures your brand personality and allows you to consistently apply a cohesive, professional look across the board.

  • Brand name ideation For those starting from the ground up, our team can help you pinpoint the perfect name.
  • Logo drafts From multiple visual options, you choose the direction we’ll refine.
  • Full visual identity Building off your logo, we provide you with a cohesive branding system: color palette, typography, icon and photography style, among other key design elements.

Develop a messaging platform for one brand voice

Created by an expert creative and strategic team, your messaging platform is the ultimate guide for all written content. It’s what you’ll refer back to time and time again to ensure you’re telling your customers a consistent brand story.

  • Feature/benefit alignment We’ll help you correlate service or product features with direct buyer benefits.
  • Targeted strategy Messaging points and tone are aligned to your personas, products, and services so content resonates with your audience.
  • Examples With samples of copy and voice for your brand, you have a strong starting point.
  • Effective CTAs We ensure your call-to-action copy effectively leads users through the buyer’s journey.

Align your branding across every medium

Our experienced brand designers know how to unify your company’s look and feel to achieve your goals. Armed with solid branding, it’s time to make sure all your digital, event, and marketing collateral work together.

  • Brand recognition Build consistent awareness and a positive reputation across all mediums.
  • Flexible design systems We develop full design systems to work across mediums and accommodate your company’s needs.
  • Event presence Take your event game to the next level with impactful creative that builds brand reputation.

Maintain brand consistency

Logo, typography, colors, messaging: how do you ensure brand unity moving forward? We supply you with a comprehensive brand and style guide to ensure all design and copy projects stay on brand whether being done by internal or external teams

  • Usage standardsAnyone working with your logo will know how to properly apply it on any medium.
  • Approved design elementsColor palette, typography, icon and photography styles: you get everything you need to create on-brand materials.
  • Messaging taxonomyCopy guidance explains what to write and how to write it for a uniform brand voice.
  • Design examplesVisual guidance gives you a jumping off point for future projects.
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Build a comprehensive, custom Growth Marketing Playbook.

For all of our clients, we create a comprehensive and custom inbound marketing plan. It’s the result of a variety of discovery calls with members of your team, a deep dive into your business, a gap analysis of your current marketing and recommendations for your initial campaigns.

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If you are thinking about hiring an agency to help with your inbound marketing, SmartBug Media is someone you should contact.”

Brian Halligan

HubSpot, CEO & Co-founder

We have experienced incredible results from their SEO optimization, social strategies/tips, and full on campaigns. We could not have asked for a better marketing strategist.”

Jonathan Higgins

Health Data Vision, Social Media Manager

At the end of the day, all marketers crave and need one foundational element: results. And that's what SmartBug will give you. Hands down—no questions, just value.”

Sheridan Gaenger

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Not only was the creative work outstanding, but the knowledge... that SmartBug Media has of the HubSpot platform is superior to any other service provider that we contacted.”

Justin Stensrud

SouthStar Communities, Director of Marketing

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