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Typical Timelines to See Inbound Marketing ROI

June 27, 2014

By Matt Farber

inbound_marketing_ROIAre you ready to add inbound marketing to your marketing mix but want to know when you’ll start seeing some return on your investment (ROI)? It’s a question that most people want to know when they decide to invest into anything.  So whether you want to see website traffic increase, your total lead count increase, or start closing deals, we’re able to track these elements and show the ROI.

Here’s a sneak speak into what I’ll be covering in this post: 

HubSpot and MIT worked together to create an ROI report around inbound marketing.  According to the report, 69% of HubSpot customers saw an increase in sales revenue, 76% of which experiences this increase within 7 months of using HubSpot.

ROI timeline for seeing a jump in website traffic

Inbound marketers like to perform a website SEO evaluation and begin adding more content to your site to help boost website traffic.  Content is added to your site by blogging on a consistent basis.  HubSpot published a great blog post last year that I’ll be pulling a lot of my stats from, like this one: 

“85% of companies using inbound marketing increase traffic within 7 months." 

If you blog on regular basis, we suggest 2 or 3 times a week, that timeframe would be less than 7 months. Potentially seeing website traffic increase anywhere between months 2 and 3 of inbound marketing practices.

ROI timeline for seeing your lead count pile up

With your website traffic spiking upwards the opportunity to turn traffic into leads will increase. You will increase your lead count by creating calls-to-action that drive traffic to landing pages. Putting calls-to-action on your most visited pages is highly suggested.  Now how long is it going to take until you see website traffic turn into leads?

“83.9% of companies using inbound marketing increase leads within 7 months.”

It’s always nice when you can see your investment working and it’s even better to see that in a short timeframe.  HubSpot goes onto say that only 1.79% of companies didn’t see their lead count increase until one year after inbound implementation.  That’s a whopping 98.21% of investors who saw their lead count increase in less than one year.

ROI timeline for closing sales

Let’s get into the real meat of this post.  When are you going to see some money?  How long into the inbound marketing investment can you expect to close some sales?

“49.7% of companies using inbound marketing increased sales within 7 months”

Now that number may not be in the 80s or 90s, but half of companies who implemented inbound marketing closed a deal within 7 months.  That number increases to 63% within the first 12 months.  Real deals. Real dollars. 

So there you have it. You can expect to see your website traffic lead counts, and closed deals increase within 7 months from your inbound marketing investment. Does that seem a little short to you? Were you expecting inbound marketing ROI to come sooner or later than 7 months? 

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