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Landing Page Copy That Actually Converts

Landing Page Copy That Actually Converts

April 3, 2019

By Sofia Pompeo

You realize people aren’t converting from your landing page, but you aren’t sure why and don’t know what to fix. I’m here to tell you—check your copy! Sometimes, you can get so caught up in the design and functionality of the page that the copy is forgotten. Or you can be too focused on trying to sell your product or service—you don’t want to do that, just being salesy isn’t your main goal.

I’m going to dig into some ways to write great landing page copy and what you can do to help people convert from your landing page. It’s important to remember that when people come to your landing page, they will process most of the information on it and come to a decision at the end, so you need to be effective as possible but not with a ton of words.

Jazz Up Your Landing Page Copy

Take a couple of minutes and read your landing page copy out loud a few times. Do you like what you’re hearing? Does it pull you in and grab your attention? Does it make you want to learn more? Do you know how you will benefit from trying out this product or service? If you’re answering “no” to these questions, then it’s time to revamp the copy on your landing page.


Make sure that you are showing the value or benefit of your product or service and not just how you are trying to sell it to make money. The customer today already knows the solution they need and exactly what they are looking for, so write copy on the benefits you can provide. An example of this could be: “We can triple your lead base.” Keep these benefits short and to the point.


Testimonials and word of mouth recommendations have become a huge part of marketing and your landing page can capitalize on that. Prospects would love to learn about results and past experience from other customers so they know your product or service is really worth it.

When you have a testimonial on your landing page, your past customer writes the copy. If your landing page template allows, you could put their picture next to their quote as a visual. But no matter what, make sure the quote stands out on the page (bigger text and bold). The more testimonials, the better!

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Typically, someone who reads your landing page doesn’t read the entire page word for word. You’ll want to tailor your copy to catch their eye. Create a compelling headline, something that will stand out, and make sure it’s clear. A headline that has a catchy word or phrase could be  effective.

The visuals and images are always important, so make sure they are attractive. Use bullets that are clear and concise, and if you are writing paragraphs, make sure they are short—no more than five or six lines. Be sure your CTA buttons make a statement, have strong copy, and are in a color that pops or a design the eye will gravitate toward. Try using sexy wording in your copy or add in sense of humor if you can. Show how you are different and aren’t afraid to break from the norm. Nobody likes boring marketing.


One of my favorite tips to share on this topic is to write your copy in a way that will connect with someone: person to person. Using too difficult of a vocabulary can honestly just confuse people. Sounding too technical and robotic will do you no favors. Try to have a conversation with your prospects, rather than just spitting information or words at them.

Be Unique

Your landing page is your place to demonstrate your brand in a nice, little snapshot. Do something different and really showcase your brand. The copy matters, so make sure to find the time and learn how you can improve it. Don’t forget that your copy should have a clear goal and be approachable. It’s worthwhile for you to make some changes to your landing page copy. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be getting more conversions in no time!


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