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HubSpot Product Update Roundup - May 2023

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June 9, 2023

By Kody Van Sistine

Welcome to our blog series, where we highlight some of the latest updates from HubSpot! As an agency specializing in full-service digital marketing, we understand the importance of staying on top of the latest tools and features to help our clients reach their marketing and sales goals. HubSpot has been our trusted partner and continues to innovate with new and improved products that drive results for our clients. This blog will explore the latest product updates and how they can benefit your business. Get ready to stay ahead and take your digital and inbound marketing strategy to the next level!


May 2023

A Workspace For Prospecting

*available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers **This feature is currently in Public Beta
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HubSpot Prospecting dashboard example

HubSpot Update Details

A dedicated workspace is being developed in HubSpot for sales reps to streamline prospecting, enhance organization, and increase opportunities. This will boost their confidence in achieving business goals and make Sales Hub more competitive against other solutions.

SmartBug's Impact At SmartBug, we understand the importance of efficiency and productivity for our clients. This HubSpot update, featuring a dedicated workspace for sales reps, is crucial for both SmartBug and our clients as it consolidates the prospecting experience, helping reps to better organize their day, focus on daily activities, and address urgent tasks. By streamlining these processes, we're confident that our clients will generate more opportunities, reach their business goals, and benefit from Sales Hub in new ways.

May 2023

New Re-Imagined CTA Tool

*available to Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Starter+ customers
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CTA tool update example

HubSpot Update Details

HubSpot now offers the ability to create various types of CTAs, such as pop-ups, slide-ins, buttons, banners, and embeds without needing a developer or designer. The drag-and-drop editor allows for customization that aligns with your website and brand guidelines, and these CTAs can be used on both HubSpot and external CMS pages.

SmartBug's Impact

The introduction of the drag-and-drop CTA editor gives users the ability to design and customize their CTAs, ensuring they align with their website and brand guidelines. This not only saves time and resources but also allows for greater consistency across all marketing materials. With the versatility to create pop-ups, slide-ins, embeddable buttons, or banners, our clients can now target their audience more effectively and drive higher conversions.

May 2023

Edit Subscriptions With HubSpot Payments

*available to all Payments customers **HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. -based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub
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edit subscriptions example

HubSpot Update Details

This HubSpot Payments update allows users to edit ongoing subscriptions billed within the platform easily. This improvement eliminates the need to cancel subscriptions to make changes to products, prices, quantities, or discounts, streamlining the subscription management process.

SmartBug's Impact

This update significantly streamlines the subscription management process, allowing for easy editing of ongoing subscriptions billed in HubSpot. By eliminating the need to cancel subscriptions just to make changes to products, prices, quantities, or discounts, businesses can save valuable time and resources. This enhanced functionality leads to a more efficient workflow and a better user experience for both the companies using HubSpot and their customers.

May 2023

Approvals For Sending Marketing Emails

*available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers only
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approvals for sending example

HubSpot Update Details

HubSpot's update introduces email approval requests, streamlining the coordination between marketing email designers and other users. This feature automatically notifies stakeholders for email review before sending and is required for all users except super admins, who can still request optional approval.

SmartBug's Impact

This HubSpot update is highly beneficial for SmartBug and our clients as it greatly improves collaboration among marketing email designers and other users within the HubSpot account. By enabling email approval requests, stakeholders are automatically notified and prompted to review emails before they are sent, ensuring that the content is accurate, relevant, and aligned with the company's messaging.

By fostering seamless coordination among team members and streamlining the email approval workflow, this update allows SmartBug and our clients to focus on delivering high-quality content that resonates with their target audience and drives meaningful results.


Take advantage of SmartBug services for streamlined implementation of HubSpot and leverage these new updates effortlessly. Our team of experts can provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to ensure your digital transformation today!

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