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HubSpot Product Update Roundup—January 2024

January 25, 2024

By Kody Van Sistine

Welcome to our blog series, where we highlight some of the latest updates from HubSpot! As an agency specializing in full service digital marketing, we understand the importance of staying on top of the latest tools and features to help our clients reach their marketing and sales goals. HubSpot has been our trusted partner and continues to innovate with new and improved products that drive results for our clients. This blog post will explore the latest product updates and how they can benefit your business. Get ready to stay ahead and take your digital and inbound marketing strategy to the next level!



January 2024

Instagram Mobile News

*Available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customer

Jan2024 HubSpot Update - Instagram Mobile Views

HubSpot Update Details

Let's dive into the latest updates from HubSpot, shall we? They've rolled out some pretty cool features for Instagram. First up, you can now publish right on Instagram Reels via the HubSpot Mobile App. Isn't that handy? But wait, there's more! They've also introduced First Comment Support. This means you can schedule the first comment on your Instagram posts. And finally, they've added a Location Tag feature. Now, every time you create an Instagram post, you can select a location in the social composer. This little trick is expected to boost your post engagement and reach.

SmartBug's Impact

Now, let's chat about why these updates matter to us at SmartBug and our clients. These new features are like a goldmine for marketing teams. They open up opportunities to reach new audiences, crank up engagement, and drive more traffic to profiles. Plus, they're a great way to raise brand awareness. Just think about it - being able to publish directly on Instagram Reels, schedule the first comment, and tag locations - all these can significantly enhance our marketing strategies. So, it's not just about new features; it's about new possibilities to grow and engage with our audience.


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January 2024

AI Content Assistant in Workflows Email and Notification Actions

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers; requires Workflow plan

Jan2024 HubSpot Update - AI Content Assistant in Workflows Email and Notification Actions

HubSpot Update Details

Using the AI content assistant in workflows will enable you to write your marketing emails or internal notifications more quickly and with ease. AI content assistant automates the tedious parts of writing, leaving you with more time to shape your own thoughts, opinions, and creativity into your content.

SmartBug's Impact

Imagine having a tool that takes care of the tedious bits of writing, leaving you more time to infuse your own thoughts, opinions, and creativity into your content. That's what HubSpot's AI Content Assistant in workflows brings to the table. Since AI is now connected to workflows, you can program the AI to send dynamic and relevant messages to workflow members in real-time, minimizing manual work and delivering more personal communication- a win-win.

January 2024

AI Assistant Call Summaries

*available to Sales/Service Hub Pro+ customers

Jan2024 HubSpot Update - AI Assistant Call Summaries


HubSpot Update Details

Transcripts provide users with an easy way to gather context on their logged calls. However, it can be time-consuming to review long transcripts when in a hurry. This feature aims to improve the efficiency of reps by reducing the time spent manually reviewing and summarizing calls.

SmartBug's Impact

Imagine the scenario. You're knee-deep in transcribed calls, the clock's ticking, and you need a quick grasp of context. Sounds like a daunting task, doesn't it? But wait, there's a silver lining. Now, you can generate a concise summary for all those calls in a jiffy. It's like having a personal assistant who's got your back, making sure you don't miss a beat.

Bringing it back home to us at SmartBug. This isn't just an update; it's a productivity booster. It's about turning hours of manual call review into minutes of concise understanding. For our clients, it's the way forward. It’s about giving them the tools to work smarter, not harder. So let's embrace this change and make every conversation count.

January 2024

56+ New and 20+ Updated Apps in the App Marketplace

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Jan2024 HubSpot Update - App Marketplace update


HubSpot Update Details

HubSpot’s App Marketplace has 1,500+ integrations, with new integrations being added and improvements to existing integrations being made every day. Utilizing these new and updated integrations helps customers grow better with HubSpot.

Navigate to HubSpot’s App Marketplace via the marketplace icon in the top right of your HubSpot portal. Browse the App Marketplace and select an app, then follow the prompts to install it.

Take advantage of SmartBug services for streamlined HubSpot implementation and effortlessly leverage these new updates. Our team of experts can provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to ensure your digital transformation today!

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