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How to Use Customer Service Stories to Sell VOIP Services

April 13, 2015

By Carly Ries

Let's face it, these days, people want to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling during a sales pitch. They want to hear success stories, other customer experiences, and they want the salesman to understand their wants and need. If you're selling VOIP services, using customer service stories during your sales pitch may be your secret weapon to closing a deal. Let's face it, the term "VOIP" hasn't necessarily hit mainstream yet and doesn't have the best ring to it. Without knowing what it is, the term itself sounds very "techie" which may make some people shy away from your services out of fear that they just won't understand what you're providing. This is why using customer service stories is so important to selling these types of services. It makes people feel like they can relate to something that is otherwise very foreign to them. 

How To Use Customer Stories to Sell VOIP Services

Below are some helpful tips when using customer service stories to sell VOIP services:

  • Find out your prospect's pain points. Don't just tell a customer service story for the sake of it. Make sure the story solves one of the pain points your prospect is experiencing. This way, they'll know they aren't the only ones going through the problem and they'll see how their situation is solved. Understand your prospect before diving into the pitch.
  • Create realistic scenarios. A prospect will know if you're fabricating a story or if your embellishing on certain details, so don't do it. Be realistic. You don't need to shoot for the moon in your story, just give them something to relate to that had a positive outcome. The more real you are, the more likely the trust you and eventually buy.
  • Don't over promise or under deliver. If the customer service story is one of a kind, be sure to let your prospect know this. If the story has unbelievable results, make sure they know it can happen, but it isn't always guaranteed. 
  • Practice what you preach. Be the next customer service story. While you're telling them the story, be engaging with your prospect. If they interrupt you, let them and listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. 
  • Put emphasis on the benefits of VOIP your buyer cares most about. Whether you're trying to sell your prospect on cost savings using VOIP services, or the fact that there is no geographical boundary or country codes needed to talk to people from afar, make sure you pick the benefits that your prospect cares about.
  • Get to the point. Don't just tell a long-winded story because it's a good one and you've practiced it over and over again. During a sales pitch, it's important to relate to your prospect but get to the point quickly, otherwise you risk losing their attention. Stress the points of the story that will resonate with your prospect and leave the minor details out.

If you're selling VOIP services, try the tips above in your next sales pitch. If you're already incorporating these types of stories when speaking to prospects, what customer services stories have you used that work?


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