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Google Introduces Ads Data Hub: This Week in Inbound Marketing

June 3, 2017

By Christopher Hutchens


This week in inbound we'll look at Google's Ads Data Hub, effective ways to use infographics for marketing campaigns, and we'll explore how to create remarkable offers and increase conversion rate. 

New and Noteworthy

Google Introduces Ads Data Hub

As ad performance on mobile devices surpasses that of desktop, advertising platforms and reporting dashboards must continually evolve to account for all of the different channels and devices that a marketing message may be distributed on. Recently, Google announced that it would measure campaign performance for ads on YouTube, DoubleClick, and Google Display Network, thereby providing insights for all three platforms within Google’s Ads Data Hub. Read more about Google’s announcement.

What Makes Content Go Viral?

There’s no exact science to determine how or when a video, tweet, or article goes viral. But as marketers, it’s our job to create compelling content that people want to share. The problem is that it can be hard to determine what makes something sharable. To understand what makes content go viral, read what these three experts had to say.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Who in Your Organization Should Be Involved in Your Next Website Redesign?

Redesigning a corporate website is no small undertaking. A lot of time is spent developing strategy, goals, and functionality, and you need to make sure you have the right internal team members on board as this process begins. Some people will need to be more involved than others, but it’s important to take account of all the people who need to be involved to make sure you have the right team in place. This blog post covers who should be involved in your next redesign.

Effective Ways to Use Infographics for Marketing Campaigns

In the last five years, infographics have become a popular way to share large amounts of information and data in a visual format. Almost all companies gather data to help understand their market, industry, customers, trends, etc., but not every company is turning this information into marketable visuals or infographics. Learn how you can effectively use infographics for your next marketing campaign.

Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

Is Your Creative Agency Killing Your Campaign?

You just spent weeks finalizing copy and getting approval from all internal team members, and now you’re ready to launch your marketing campaign with the help of your agency. Launch day arrives: Emails are sent, ads are activated, and your sales and marketing team is ready to see leads start pouring in. But what happens if they don't? This post explores the reasons why some marketing campaigns fail and whether your agency should ultimately be the one to blame.

How to Create Remarkable Offers and Increase Your Conversion Rate

For many marketers, increasing conversion rates involves making slight tweaks to website pages, emails, and so on to determine whether it causes a bump in the visit-to lead-conversion ratio. While changing a button or a few words on a page can make a difference, your ultimate goal should be to create content that helps answer your reader’s question. Creating helpful, one-of-a-kind content is the key to establishing consistently high conversion rates. Read more about how to create remarkable offers to increase your conversion rates.


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