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4 Prospects Tool Updates in HubSpot You Should Know About

September 15, 2015

By Carly Ries

Along with the rest of HubSpot, the HubSpot CRM is constantly evolving to ensure it is meeting your company's wants and needs to help you grow your business. The Prospects tool within the system is no exception. Below are 4 recent updates your sales team should know about.

1. Know the Instant a Prospect Opens Your Document

If you're aware of the HubSpot CRM, chances are you've heard of Sidekick for Business as well. Sidekick for Business gives your sales team insights into when prospects engage with the sales documents you send them. And HubSpot has big news! Now you will receive an email alert immediately when one of your prospects is reviewing a document you've shared with them. This makes it easier for your sales team to strike while the iron is hot. The email will include a link to your prospect's information and details on their activity. In addition to the email, HubSpot will log the event in the prospect's timeline as well as update any aggregate reports on how the sales content is being used. Pretty cool, right?

2. Receive Instant Notifications When the Best Prospect Visits Your Website

Think Sidekick for Business can't get any better? You're wrong. HubSpot recently announced that Sidekick for Business will now send you notifications to your desktop or inbox when your best prospects are visiting your website. These notifications can be instant or you can receive a daily summary, whichever you prefer. To receive notifications on certain types of prospects, you can filter and create a specific view of prospects who are relevant to you (company size, location, etc). This is a very useful tool to ensure you're sales team is staying on top of the right prospects and not wasting their time.

3. Save Prospects Search in HubSpot CRM

Prospecting can be exhausting. To help make your sales teams' lives easier, you can now save your favorite searches to review any time in the Prospect's database. You can now also find prospects faster. All you need to do is fill in some search criteria, click "Save this View" and voila! Your search is saved.

4. Know Which Prospects Are Interacting with Your Templates

Have you discoverd template reporting in Sidekick for Business? Template Reporting tells you which email templates are working best so that you can share them with your team. If you think that's cool, you'll love Template Sidebar. Now when you click on a template, a slideout will appear telling you which prospects were sent, opened, and clicked a certain template. This can help you cater your sales efforts to a specific prospect's needs.

Have you been using any of the updated tools mentioned above? What are your thoughts?


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