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Top Intent Data Providers Used by Marketers (and the Use Cases Behind Them)

April 4, 2022

By Nicole Raymond

As marketers, our job is to help our sales teams find high-quality leads. You may use outbound marketing to try and catch your audience’s attention, or you might use inbound marketing to attract leads to your website ... but what if you could know who is looking to purchase a solution that your company happens to sell?These leads are perfect for your sales team because they’re already hot! Keep reading to learn about the top intent data providers and how you can use them to land high-quality leads.

What Is Intent Data?

If you’re unfamiliar with intent data, you’ll soon realize how critical it can be to growing your marketing efforts and sales pipeline. As the name suggests, intent data gives you insights into what an internet user plans to do next. Top intent data providers are able to use cues from internet searches and activity to determine if a user is working through preliminary research or if they are ready to identify the right solution to their problems and possibly buy from your company.

Why Is Intent Data Important for Marketers?

You may be wondering why intent data is important for marketers. We know sales and marketing need to closely align, but shouldn’t sales take the lead on this one? Your sales team can most definitely use intent data in their day-to-day, but it’s also important to consider intent data in your marketing strategy.

The top data intent providers listed below can give you incredible insight into what your potential customers are searching for at every stage of the buyer’s journey when researching to buy a solution to their problems. This means that when those potential customers search, you can make sure they find you with marketing activities such as an FAQ section on your website, a blog post, a white paper, or an in-depth video for complex explanations. Read on for more ways you can use intent data as a marketer.

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Top 6 Intent Data Providers and Their Use Cases

We’ve now established that intent data is an awesome way to help marketers and salespeople alike, but who are the top intent data providers and what can you do with those tools once you purchase them? Here are our top four intent data provider recommendations and how marketers can use their products.

1. ZoomInfo

According to, its database has more than 106 million companies profiled. ZoomInfo can provide business details such as email addresses, phone numbers, company types, addresses, EINs, and more. ZoomInfo also integrates with the marketing and sales resources that you already use, such as HubSpot, Google Chrome, and Salesforce.

ZoomInfo helped one multinational company increase its qualified pipeline by three times! The company attributes its successes to the way ZoomInfo was able to provide a deeper look into its target market, vertical, and ideal buyers. You can read the full use case here.

2. Terminus

Terminus is a one of a kind account-based engagement platform that helps go-to-market teams create, accelerate and close more pipeline by proactively engaging with their target accounts. Terminus brought in a new marketing era by introducing modern-day ABM. 

Their website states that marketing teams who execute personalized campaigns with more relevant content, messaging, and insight prove to be the most successful. Here are a few stats that prove this statement to be true.

Terminus helped CRMNEXT achieve 1900% ROI. Ever since CRMNEXT launched Terminus, they were able to reach 94% of their Tier 1 TAM (Total Addressable Market) and 90% of their Tier 2 TAM.

Elevetad Third toped the charts with a 684% increase in pipeline by pairing Terminus Chat + Terminus Ads.

3. RollWorks

RollWorks is another brilliant B2B marketing and sales account-based platform. RollWorks approach will take you from identifying your best fit-accounts, running engagement through cross-channel campaigns and ultimately measuring to optimize your ABM impact. 

RollWorks is the perfect ABM tool for either a start-up who is just starting to grow their business to more upmarket companies that are looking to scale up. They are trusted by hundreds of B2B companies from startup to scale with their ABM efforts. 

You can check their list of customers along with their success stories here. 

4. 6sense

If you’ve been wanting to perfect your account-based marketing (ABM) or give it a try for the first time, intent data is important—and 6sense can help. 6sense’s mission is to “empower marketing and sales teams with 100 percent visibility into buyers; who they are, needs and timing.” This platform can help you know when to target your dream client or customer and strike the iron while it’s hot.

Sticking with the ABM example, 6sense’s help with one company’s ABM efforts resulted in three times growth in the company’s targeted pipeline, five times growth in response lift from marketing offers, six times more engagement with in-market accounts, and 30+ percent in year-over-year revenue growth. Read the full case study.

5. Demandbase

Demandbase uses artificial intelligence to pull information from first- and third-party data, which moves you past spam and on to relevant and deep insights from the accounts you’re targeting. If you’re a B2B organization, Demandbase might appeal to you because according to its website, “Demandbase is the only demand-side platform built around B2B accounts and buying teams.”

One small company that uses Demandbase was finally able to compete with the big players in its industry after using the platform to generate an 88 percent engagement rate with its target accounts, increase the value of target accounts by 66 percent, and uphold a 20 percent pipeline conversion rate among its top accounts. Read the full case study on its website.

6. TechTarget Priority Engine

According to, “Priority Engine™ boosts sales and marketing success by providing direct access to real active buyers at in-market accounts.” Some other great benefits that TechTarget Priority Engine boasts are bigger deals in half the time, ABM that accelerates sales, outbound that secures meetings, and meetings that convert to pipeline. This platform also integrates with your sales and marketing tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo.

Aligning marketing and sales can sometimes be challenging, but one company using TechTarget Priority Engine was able to close $7 million of marketing-influenced pipeline. To achieve this, the company used the intent data available to identify the right prospects at the right time for its target accounts. Read more about this solution.

How Can You Use Intent Data to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

As we’ve seen, intent data can help take your business to the next level, whether you’re using the data to inform marketing decisions and strategic direction for ABM or your sales team is using the information to reach out to prospects who have a problem your product or service can solve. And intent data will only get better as time goes on.

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