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7 Signs Your Manufacturing Company Should Hire a Marketing Agency

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August 11, 2020

By Courtney Fraas

Hiring a marketing agency can be an expensive endeavor, but oftentimes, the additional expense is worth the boost in customers, leads, and sales that it brings. A knowledgeable, experienced marketing agency can help your manufacturing company:

  • Expand marketing efforts
  • Increase efficiency, productivity, and performance
  • Stay informed about the latest marketing trends, tools, and technology
  • Drive better results faster

How can you determine if a marketing agency is a good investment for your manufacturing company? Here are seven signs it’s time to consider taking on a new marketing partner: 

Sign #1: You’re Not Sure Where to Start

When marketing isn’t your area of expertise, creating and executing marketing strategies geared toward your manufacturing company can seem overwhelming. 

Marketing is an expansive and ever-evolving subject, encompassing content marketing, email marketing, database marketing, and so much more. It’s difficult to know where to start, what the latest marketing trends are, and what marketing strategies are most effective? 

If these roadblocks seem familiar, it’s time to bring in a marketing agency for insights and strategies that set your manufacturing company up for future marketing success.    

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Sign #2: Your Team Is Inundated with Tasks

Is your marketing team more like a skeleton crew? Do you find that there aren’t enough hours in the workday to whittle down that ever-growing marketing task list? 

If you answered “yes” to these questions, it’s time to bring more hands on deck.

Hiring a marketing agency helps you and your team focus on developing other aspects of your manufacturing business, while simultaneously optimizing future marketing initiatives with help from experts who live and breath marketing day in and day out. That means more completed work in less time with better results. 

Sign #3: You Need a Fresh Perspective

Don’t let your manufacturing company get stuck in a rut doing the same marketing the same way year after year. Old-school marketing methods—such as trade shows, word-of-mouth referrals, networking, and the like—are effective ways to drive new business, but you’re missing potential customers if you aren’t embracing new marketing concepts.

Diversifying your manufacturing company’s marketing with fresh, out-of-the-box ideas from a marketing agency that tracks the latest marketing trends, insights, and strategies will help you attract and convert new contacts.    

Sign #4: Sales Are Static or Declining

If your manufacturing business has hit a plateau in sales, or worse, has declining sales, don’t wait to reach out to a marketing agency to ascertain and correct the problem. A marketing agency has the tools and know-how to help your business get back on the right marketing track that will drive new customers and boost ROI.

Sign #5: You Need Quality Leads

Is your manufacturing company getting new leads that fail to convert to new customers? A marketing agency can help your manufacturing business reexamine your marketing strategy and review the Buyer’s Journey to improve lead quality and, as a result, attract new customers.

Sign #6: You Need Help Scaling Your Manufacturing Business

Your manufacturing business is on the rise—that’s great news! But what are your next steps? How do you continue scaling your business and maintaining healthy sales? 

Marketing agencies work with a variety of businesses in various stages of growth and are able to provide key insights, advice, and strategies that will help you take your manufacturing business to the next level. Best of all, marketing agencies have seen it all, so your business gets the added benefit of learning from mistakes other businesses have made as they scaled. 

Sign #7: You Don’t Measure Results

It’s difficult to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Tracking marketing progress and results helps your manufacturing company make educated marketing decisions that boost sales. If you’re not tracking results, you won’t know: 

  • Where your strategy can be improved
  • Where your funnel is breaking down 
  • Where you have room to grow 

Need help measuring marketing results and making informed marketing decisions based on that data? Hire a marketing agency.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, a marketing agency may be a good investment for your manufacturing company. Ready to start your search? Learn what to look for in a successful partnership.


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