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12 Often-Forgotten Lead Conversion Tactics

December 5, 2012

By Ryan Malone

lead conversion tacticsIt's easy to lose track of lead conversion tactics when you get focused on driving traffic to your website.  After all, it's very gratifying to see a climbing line graph of website visitors. However, if you lose sight of the real goal -- generating more sales -- those growing numbers won't add up to much in the long run.  Lead conversion is critical for getting a good return on your lead generation investment.  Spending time and resources to increase backlinks to your site and boost SEO will be fruitless if you don't have good techniques for converting those leads to sales.

Many companies make the mistake of having just one offer that prompts a call to action.  Every customer is different, and every visitor to your website will respond to different triggers.  Think about what offers will be most compelling to visitors in different stages of the sales funnel.  If you have found yourself forgetting about lead conversion, try these often-forgotten tactics to help you get back on track.

Top of the Funnel Leads

These website visitors are likely looking for information.  They may not be ready to make a purchase today, but that doesn't mean they won't turn into a valuable customer, so do not ignore them.  White papers and e-books are popular offers these days, but don't forget about these other proven tactics:

  1. Checklists
  2. Online guides
  3. Instructional videos
  4. Starter kits with all of the above

Middle of the Funnel Leads

Some website visitors may already be educated about the products and services you offer, but they don't know much about your company.  Including product specifications and a comprehensive catalog on your site is educational, but you can also use these other tactics to help convert them to sales:

  1. Case studies and customer success stories
  2. Video testimonials
  3. Webinars and online sales presentations
  4. A comprehensive FAQ that includes company information customer service policies

ottom of the Funnel Leads

The best leads are the ones that are ready to buy.  Make it easy for them with offers such as:

  1. Free consultations or evaluations
  2. Live product demonstrations
  3. Free estimates
  4. Special offers for first-time buyers

Whether the objective is to capture lead information so you can continue the sales process or to make a sale directly on your website, keeping an eye on lead conversion is essential for increasing profits.

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What lead conversion tactics have worked well for your business?


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