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ZoomInfo: A B2B Platform Where World-Class Data Meets Groundbreaking Technology

December 12, 2019

By Jen Spencer

Earlier this year, Vancouver-based market intelligence company, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo for a reported $500 million. Recently, the company has—with the launch of a revamped version of its go-to-marketing (GTM) platform, a purported single source of truth for sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals—changed its name to ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg.  

A B2B Platform Where World-Class Data Meets Groundbreaking Technology

The new ZoomInfo platform, a combination of DiscoverOrg and the former ZoomInfo platform, is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform currently in use by more than 13,500 customers.

With new features, such as integration with marketing and sales workflows, complex organizational charts, and more accurate real-time data verified by a team of more than 150 human researchers, the ZoomInfo platform provides users with the data they need to find, connect, and market their products or services directly to other businesses.

The new ZoomInfo platform is a combination of the best of DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo. It features a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with a huge network of contributors, incredible business application integrations, and the unique feature of more than 300 human researchers set with the task of researching and verifying information. 

ZoomInfo empowers companies to deliver predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth with a bird’s-eye view of contacts, companies, and opportunities. In addition, the new ZoomInfo provides extensive integration capabilities into existing workflows and technologies, including the leading CRM, sales engagement, and marketing automation platforms.

ZoomInfo’s data dashboard currently contains more than 100 million verified B2B professionals, 5.5 million C-level contacts, 20 million company profiles, 16 million decision maker direct dials, and 20 million decision maker email addresses.

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Sales, Marketing, and Enterprise Solutions

ZoomInfo offers an all-in-one solution to support sales, marketing, and enterprise needs with the data and technology necessary to create cohesive go-to-market strategies. Its capabilities include:

  • Complex organizational charts with intent data reports and buying scoops reported by researchers. Scoop and intent functionality give insight into projects and events happening across industries and locations, with intent signals that enable the understanding of a prospect’s interest and where in the buyer’s journey they are.
  • Incredible out-of-the-box integrations with CRM, sales, and marketing systems, including enhanced features that allow companies to infuse their own databases with ZoomInfo’s unique data sets (such as team size, social information, and technology use, among others) and easily build out territories, score leads, and prioritize follow-ups.
  • Real-time data verification with a team of more than 150 researchers providing more accurate firmographic, demographic, and technographic data.
  • Advanced, real-time email validation with the purchase of NeverBounce, drastically reducing email bounce rates
  • Matrixed searching with more than 100 new firmographic datapoints (such as geographic area, number of clients, type of organization, industry, and technologies).
  • A unique plugin, ReachOut, that gives access to contact and company data from within LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, and Salesforce.
  • Full integration into existing workflows such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce.
  • Form assistance functionality allowing users to simply input their email address, while FormComplete completes the form for them, resulting in increased conversion rates.
  • Websights capabilities that automatically register a web visitor’s IP address and input it into the ZoomInfo platform with a detailed display of the company’s profile, including a list of contacts.

Your All-In-One Sales and Marketing Solution

What makes ZoomInfo so powerful is that it’s essentially a one-stop shop for all of your prospecting and sales needs. It can:

  • Give your sales leadership targeted sales lead lists, opportunity alerts to act on, predictive insights to focus on, all from a world-class business contact database. 
  • Help your sales development by preventing the wasting of time on in-depth prospect research or CRM contact database cleanup.
  • Give your marketing and demand generation team the ability to source, segment, engage, and identify the top prospects at the right time.
  • Help your sales and operations teams with a standardized, enriched, and self-cleaning marketing and sales contact database that is seamlessly integrated into your workflows

Powerful Data

ZoomInfo in its simplest form is a business contact database, but one so powerful that it gives you all the insights you could think of to build your pipeline, and increase your conversion rates. 

ZoomInfo claims the "highest quality and quantity B2B data on the market." It does this with a huge network of volunteer contributors that add new information, validate existing information in real time, and review 44 million signature blocks daily. Its proprietary machine learning scans 38 million online sources of data daily, ZoomInfo also has some of the strongest QA out there with a more than 150-person research, verification, and development team that manages algorithm performance, enhances information about contacts, funding, and conferences, and unearths inside information about companies.

Lastly, ZoomInfo utilizes five trusted, third-party sources to supplement automated data aggregation in order to glean information from public companies, merger and acquisition activity, government data sources, and social media feeds.


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